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Laka Reviews - Bicycle Insurance

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About Laka

Laka offers bicycle insurance like you’ve never known it before. Their world-first cover offers one policy to protect cyclists both on and off their bikes and the best part? Some months you might not have to pay a single penny for your policy! Unlike other insurers, Laka doesn’t charge a fixed premium upfront, instead, your premium is calculated based on the actual cost of claims that month. This means that your payments will vary each month but your maximum contribution is capped and some months you’ll pay nothing if nobody claims. They’ll even show you exactly where your money goes – fixing, replacing and helping fellow cyclists get back on their bikes.

Why choose Laka?

Insurance flipped

You won’t be charged a fixed sum. Instead, your monthly premium is calculated based on the collective’s claims that month.

The 80/20 rule

80% of your money goes straight back into the collective and the other 20% keeps Laka’s wheels spinning.

Pack mentality

Being part of the Laka collective means committing to looking after your stuff and yourself for the sake of the pack.

Got your back

All claims are handled by experts and usually agreed within a day with no depreciation or excess to pay.

Never tied down

There’s no annual contract to tie you down. You can cancel your policy freely, anytime you wish.

What do Laka insurance policies cover?

Laka’s insurance policies work differently to most others. They offer a standard bicycle insurance policy that covers the following:

  • Accidental damage to your bike
  • Races and events
  • Roadside assistance
  • Loss of gear by a third-party such as an airline or courier
  • Theft from your home, or away from your home when your bike is locked with a Sold Secure Gold lock
  • Pay extra to include cover for your cycling clothing and accessories up to £2,000

But if you want a more substantial policy that covers you personally and not just your bicycle, you have more options. All new policyholders have the option to join the Laka Club for just £1. This gives you third-party liability cover up to £2,000,000 and other great cycling perks, such as discounts from well-known cycling brands. If you also want personal accident cover, you can take out Laka’s Health & Recovery insurance. Made with cyclists in mind, this policy covers you worldwide and isn’t just limited to cycling injuries, it extends to skiing, hiking, surfing and much more. From physio to dental to mental treatment, your medical bills will be covered up to £1,500 and you’ll have access to virtual GPs fo faster diagnosis, faster treatments and faster recovery.

Contact Laka

You can get in touch with Laka via Live Chat, the speech bubble in the bottom left corner of their website. Alternatively, you can email them at

Frequently asked questions

How does Laka calculate my bicycle insurance share?

At the end of each month, you’ll receive a billing email which shows your share of the month’s claims cost and how you will be charged. Laka charges you based on the cost of claims that have occurred in the previous month. 80% goes towards fulfilling the claims and 20% is the fee paid to them. The total is then divided amongst the collective in proportion to the value of your insured gear. Every extra £ in gear value increases your share. If your calculated cost is higher than your personal cap, you’ll only pay the cap and the rest will be passed onto Zurich UK, Laka’s insurance partner.

If it’s your first month with Laka, you won’t be charged for the whole month, just for the days after you signed up. Your policy will roll over at the beginning of the next month and they’ll start the calculation fresh.

Does my Laka insurance cover races?

Yes. Laka knows that races and events are an integral part of cycling so all policies include cover for road races, triathlons, fixed crits, track racing and cyclocross. The only circumstance in which you won’t be covered is if you’re getting paid an appearance fee or salary to compete.

Does my policy automatically renew each month?

Yes. Your policy will renew each month until you choose to cancel.

Can I cancel my Laka insurance policy?

You can cancel anytime you wish. You’re only tied into your policy one month at a time.