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When you’re buying insurance or taking out a credit card, who do you trust? Alongside the recommendations from acquaintances, online consumer opinions are increasingly swaying opinions when it comes to buying financial products.

In 2017, 84% of people trusted online reviews as much as their friends. In the UK we are a very enthusiastic nation when it comes to voicing our experiences when someone lets us down, especially when it comes to the claims experiences of an insurer or our dealings with a utility company.  Compare By Review understood the trust we place in consumer reviews and sought to redress the balance of choosing who we spend our money with. As a result, the review score was created, a unique scoring method that focused on quality of service and product above all else.

Calculating our Review Score

We understanding finding the best product for you is important. That’s why we pride ourselves on being the first and only comparison site that focuses and ranks providers exclusively on customer experience and product quality.

Our team of editors and researchers review the whole market, only ranking providers that meet certain minimum criteria. If an insurance brand isn’t on our trusted providers list, they will not be featured on our site. Our review score is not influenced by monetary bids or commissions offered to us by providers. Our website offers an impartial and unbiased overview of each market, we do not provide recommendations but we do present clear information for you, so you can make a more informed choice.

We take in to account real user reviews across a number of 3rd party platforms, as well as our own, to ensure providers deliver on their promises and operate fairly. We also review product quality through a number of tools and checks. The outcome of our research is then calculated using our unique algorithm. Still scratching your head? Watch our video to ease your confusion.

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