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Home Insurance

We all love our homes. Whether you have a studio flat in the city or a mansion in the countryside, we greatly value our homes and the belongings inside them. However, a worryingly high percentage of the UK population do not have home insurance, leaving themselves open to much greater risks and expenditure in the long run.

There are two types of home insurance currently on the market. Buildings insurance covers damage to the fabric of your property, including fixtures and fittings, while contents insurance covers your belongings. You can buy these policies separately or together from the same provider.

Can’t find any insurance providers? That’s because we’re still working on this category. Our team are still researching providers and calculating each individual CBR score so we can provide you a truly honest and impartial comparison of each insurance brand. In the mean time, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Home Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What’s The Difference Between Building & Contents Insurance?
  • Buildings insurance covers the physical structure of the property, such as walls, floors and the roof. This also includes any permanent fixtures and fittings, such as your kitchen and fitted wardrobes. Outside structures, like fences, garages and sheds are usually covered too, as are pipes, cables and drains connected to your home (provided they’re your legal responsibility).
  • Contents insurance covers anything within your home that you can remove and take with you to another property, such as your clothes, furniture, white goods, and electronics. Carpets are also usually included. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so always check what’s included within the definition of ‘contents’ in your policy booklet.
What Type Of Home Insurance Do I Need?

It’s important to have the right type of home insurance. If you own your home and have a mortgage, then your mortgage provider will usually insist you have buildings insurance in place (which you can buy from any provider) for the length of your mortgage.

However, if you’re in rented accommodation, then buildings insurance is usually the responsibility of your landlord. It’s advisable to have contents insurance to protect your personal belongings. While buildings and content insurance are not a legal requirement in the UK, it’s always advisable to have both to protect your property and belongings against the unexpected.

What Do I Need To Get A Quote?

To compare home insurance, it’s a good idea to have some basic information about your property, including:

  • Your current home insurance policy documents
  • Details about your property
  • The rebuild value of your home
  • The level of cover you need.

Once you have those details, we can provide you with a list of suitable providers, ranked by customer experience.

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We pride ourselves on being the first and only comparison site that ranks insurance providers on customer experience, rather than price. At Compare By Review we analyse thousands of real customer experiences, added up to provide an honest and impartial comparison of home insurance products so you can buy the best policy for you and your home.