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The UK is a nation of pet lovers, with over 15.9 million cats and dogs in households across the country, according to the RSPCA. We see pets as members of our family, so when they fall ill or have an accident, it can be an incredibly distressing time. But with veterinary fees rising each year, it can spell bad news for your pet and your wallet. Fortunately, Lifetime Pet Insurance policies can help cover the cost.

What Is Lifetime Pet Insurance?


Lifetime policies are typically seen as the premium option for pet insurance, offering the most extensive cover for your pet.

What Does Lifetime Pet Insurance Include?


Lifetime pet insurance offer comprehensive cover for your pet, should they fall ill or have an accident. While cover may vary, most policies will include:

  • Vet Bills – Vet bills are covered up to a financial limit per condition, per year. Each year at renewal, the limit is reinstated, which is invaluable should your pet develop an ongoing condition.
  • Kennels/Cattery CostsIf there was an emergency and you has no one to look after your pet, then your insurance can sometimes cover the cost of putting your dog or cat into kennels or cattery. However, always remember to check the small print as there is usually a financial limit per year.
  • Third Party Liability CoverIf your dog injures someone or damages property, third party liability insurance protects you against the cost of damage or injury if you are found to be legally liable and legal fees are involved. As these can be expensive situations, the liability cover is often £1million or more. Remember, this doesn’t apply to cats as they are legally defined as ‘free spirits’ and owners cannot be held liable for their actions.
  • Dental CoverSome policies may include dental cover for issues caused by accidents. Some policies may also cover it for illness, but always make sure to check your policy.
  • Compensation For Lost/Stolen Petslifetime policies often include financial compensation if your pet is lost or stolen. They may also contribute towards the cost of advertising or other search costs in order to find your dog or cat.
  • Death, Euthanasia, Cremation and Burial – If your pet was to sadly pass away due to illness or as the result of an accident, you could get back the price you paid for them. Lifetime policies also make a contribution towards the costs of euthanasia, cremation and burial.
What Isn’t Covered By Lifetime Pet Insurance?


Lifetime policies will not cover routine treatments such as vaccinations, flea and worm treatment , or general dental work. Pregnancy isn’t usually covered, although some insurers do make exceptions. A lifetime policy will not cover pre-existing conditions, so the earlier you take out a policy, the better.

Are All Lifetime Policies The Same?


Different providers offer different levels of cover, meaning that no Lifetime Insurance policy is the same. Different insurers may include different items and different financial cover limits, so it’s important to make sure you read the policy features carefully to ensure that you have the cover you need.

How Does Lifetime Pet Insurance Work?


New medical conditions are covered up to the financial limit. If the limit is reached during the insurance year, your cover will stop until the policy is renewed.

Unlike Maximum Benefit policies, once the financial limit is reached for a condition, the condition will not be excluded from future cover should you renew your policy.

Why Compare Policies With Compare By Review?


Comparing lifetime pet insurance policies from different providers can be challenging. That’s why Compare By Review analyses thousands of real customer experiences and provides an impartial comparison of insurance providers so you can purchase the right policy that works best for you and your pet.