Pet Insurance For Older Cats


With vet bills becoming more expensive year on year, an illness or unfortunate accident involving your cat can cause a serious dent in your finances. If your cat is older, or already suffering from existing medical conditions, you may be wondering if you can still get pet insurance?

While you can find a pet insurance policy to cover your older cat, the premium is likely to be more expensive and further increase in price the older your cat gets. There may also be more conditions or restrictions attached to it, especially if your cat has a pre-existing condition.

Why Is It More Expensive?

Just like humans, cats age, and the risk of them having health or dental issues is also likely to increase too. It’s also likely that your furry friend will become a little slower and clumsier, making them more accident-prone.

What Should I Look Out For?

While the premiums may be higher, the cost of being uninsured can be devastating. When looking to insure your beloved moggy, always make sure to check what is covered. Some insurers will not insure your cat if they have a pre-existing condition, while those who do will likely exclude any claims relating to those conditions. In addition to this, check the excess you will have to pay in the event of a claim. An excess is the amount of money you will pay out before being able to claim on your insurance. If your vet bill was £1,000 and your policy excess was £200, your insurer will contribute to the remaining £800.

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better

The older your cat gets, the harder it is to insure them. So if you already have insurance in place, think before you allow it to lapse. While your premiums may be expensive, your policy may still cover your cats on-going existing condition and any treatment they may need to receive. Switching policies simply because it’s cheaper may result in your pet not being covered for treatment when they need it most, whether it’s due to a policy restriction or a pre-existing condition.

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