Does Pet Insurance Cover Dentistry?

Not all pet insurance policies are created equal – each policy possesses a different level of cover and a variety of exclusions. Common issues, such as dental work, are not covered by all pet insurance policies. However, some providers do include this benefit, with additional terms and conditions.

Is Dental Covered As Standard For Pet Insurance Policies?

As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, and when it comes to pet insurance, it couldn’t be truer. Typically, the more comprehensive your cover, the higher your premium – a policy that includes dental cover is much more likely to be more expensive than one that doesn’t. While expensive pet policies tend to put most people off purchasing insurance, the alternative can cause a significant dent in your finances. Cheap pet insurance policies are unlikely to include dental cover, meaning the costs of unexpected dental work could add up to hundreds of pounds, potentially more if extractions or anaesthetics are needed.

Even if a policy does claim to cover dental work, it’s important to read the fine print. Some providers may not cover what they consider ‘cosmetic treatment’, while others limit their cover to external tooth damage or extractions of milk teeth. It is also very unlikely that your provider will cover the costs of routine cleaning of your pet’s teeth. Tooth decay or other preventable teeth issues will not be covered by any insurance policy as it is down to you, as an owner, to take care your dog’s teeth.

Which Pet Insurance Providers Cover Dental?

With 80 Brands now selling pet insurance, finding the paw-fect policy for you can be difficult. Most Pet insurance policies won’t pay out for dental treatment unless your pet’s teeth were damaged in an accident, so finding one that will cover illness can a challenge. Thankfully, we companies who cover vet referrals for dental treatment and illness as well as accidents. To make things even easier, each provider shown has our CBR Score, so you know which policy is best for your and your beloved pet.

  • Pet Plan’s Covered For Life Policy
    CBR Score: 8.0


    Regarded as the UK’s favourite pet insurance provider for over 40 years, Pet Plan includes dental cover for both its Classic and Ultimate policies. However, this is conditional on your pet  having regular dental checkups throughout the year. Pet Plan states that the policy will pay “the cost of treatment for a dental injury or illness provided your pet had a dental examination carried out by a vet in the 12 months before the injury happened or was first noticed”

  • Bought By Many’s Complete Policy
    CBR Score: 7.7


    Launched in 2017, Bought By Many offers the most comprehensive pet insurance on the market, which also includes dental cover as standard. The Complete Policy has a £15,000 yearly vet fee limit and dental work can be paid for from this pot. However, Bought By Many does ask owners to make sure their pet has at least one dental checkup a year to qualify for a payout.

  • Tesco Bank Premier Cover
    CBR Score: 6.0


    Tesco Bank offers dental insurance for both cats and dogs as part of its Premier policy. This covers your pet’s dental costs should it relate to an accident or illness. Tesco also require your pet to receive an annual dental check up to keep this part of the policy valid. Tesco’s Extra and Standard policies also cover dental treatment, but only for accidents.

pet insurance dental policy
  • More Than’s Premier Policy
    CBR Score: 4.4

    More Than
    ’s Premier policy provides £2,000 worth of dental cover as standard. Their policy claims to pay out for dental treatment for accidents and illnesses, provided that your pet has had a dental examination in the 12 months before the dental condition started. More Than also require that any dental treatment recommended by the vet at the last dental appointment to be carried out before paying out for additional treatment.

  • LV= Lifetime Policy
    CBR Score: 4.3

    LV=’s Lifetime policies provide a high level of cover of up to £10,000 of vet fees, which includes dental treatment for both cats and dogs. They cover all dental treatment providing your pet has had its annual checkups.

    Please note, while other brands may offer dental treatment as part of their cover, we do not include these on our CBR score tables if they do not meet our strict criteria. For more information, please see our FAQ’s


Buying Pet Insurance That Works For You

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