Pet Insurance & Pre-Existing Conditions

Pet Insurance is a vital part of being a responsible pet owner. It ensures your fluffy, feathered, or scaled friend is covered for any treatment they need. But if your pet already has or has previously suffered from an illness, injury or condition, finding a provider that will cover you can be extremely difficult. While it isn’t impossible to insure them, finding a provider that’s willing to insure your pet’s existing health complaints, at a reasonable price, will require a lot more investigating.

Which Pet Insurance Providers Cover Pre-existing Conditions?

We are nation of pet lovers, with over 40% of British households owning some form of pet in 2017. Despite this, there is no NHS for pets, making pet insurance all the more important. If you’re pet has previously suffered from, or currently has, a medical condition, finding an insurance provider who will cover them can be troublesome.

The following companies are ones who currently cover pre-existing conditions. Of course, these do come with terms and conditions so always make sure to check the fine print before purchasing a policy. To make things easier, each provider shown below is featured with our CBR score, so you know exactly which policy is the best for you and your pet.

  • Bought By Many’s Pre-Existing Policy
    CBR Score: 7.7

    Bought By Many’s Pre-Existing policy is designed to cover medical conditions your pet has previously suffered from in the past two years (but not three months before the policy starts). Should your pet has experienced a condition longer than two years ago, other pet insurance policies from Bought By Many will also cover them.

    The pre-existing condition policy has a £7,000 yearly vet fee limit and provides £500 of cover for all pre-existing conditions in the first year. This increases to £1,000 in the second and eventually the full amount if you do not make a claim.

    Should you need to make a claim in the first two years of your policy, your vet fee limit will remain or drop to £500 for pre-existing medical issues. Bought By Many does not impose an age limit on your policy, meaning your pet can get insurance cover, no matter their age.

  • Lifetime Pet Cover
    CBR Score: 7.2

    Lifetime Pet Cover provides cover for pre-existing conditions, on the basis that your pet has not had symptoms or received treatment for the condition in the past two years. Lifetime Pet Cover does not impose an age limit on their policy, meaning that you can still purchase an insurance policy even if you have an older pet.

  • VetsMediCover’s Gold, Platinum & Diamond Policy
    CBR Score: 4.9
    VetsMediCover currently provides cover for pre-existing conditions across three of its policies: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. These policies are designed to cover pets aged 8 and under, that have not had symptoms or treatment for their condition in the past two years. While VetsMediCover does provide cover for pre-existing conditions, we advise checking our review tables before insuring your pet, due to its low rating.

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Please note, other brands may offer dental treatment as part of their cover, but these may not be included on our CBR score table. This is usually because they do not meet our strict criteria. For more information, please see our FAQ’s

Finding The Best Pet Insurance Provider

Whether you have a playful puppy or a mischievous moggy, ensuring their happiness and health should always be at the top of every responsible pet owners list. A Cat or Dog insurance policy not only ensures your pet’s health, but also saves you from paying a hefty vet bill should the unexpected happen.

At Compare By Review, we understand finding the right pet insurance policy can be tough. That’s why we are the first and only comparison site that focuses and ranks providers exclusively on customer experience and product quality, so you can see honest reviews of a product before you invest. It couldn’t be easier. Find your policy today.