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4Paws has over 50 years experience in the insurance Industry. They understand how important pets can be and created a range of pet insurance products that gives pets the care they deserve without the worry of large unexpected veterinary bills.


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Choose from four levels of pet insurance

4Paws pet insurance currently offer four policies, ranging from Accident Only, Time Limited, Max Benefit and Lifetime. Each policy includes veterinary fee cover and reliable benefits. There is a useful guide to the types of benefits available below.

4Paws has compulsory, fixed, excess ranging between £75-90. The excess price depends on the chosen policy as is applicable per condition per policy year. The policy booklet has the full terms and conditions. For more information visit the 4Paws official website.

StandardMaximum BenefitLifetime
Cover TypeTime LimitedMaximum BenefitTime Limited
Vet Fees£3,000Up to £7,000Up to £12,000
Complementary TreatmentXUp to £1,000Up to £1,500
Third Party Liability£1,000,000£1,000,000Up to £3,000,000
Death From InjuryXUp to £1,500Up to £2,000
Death From IllnessXUp to £1,500Up to £2,000
Advertising & RewardXUp to £1,500Up to £2,000
Theft or StrayingXUp to £1,500Up to £2,000

Your benefits for pet insurance cover levels

Complementary Treatment

4Paws will cover complementary treatment for your cat or dog up to £500 – £1,500, depending on your level of cover.

Third Party Liability

If your dog causes accident or is responsible for causing injury, 4Paws will cover Third Party Liability claims up to £1,000,000 to £3,000,000 per incident.

Boarding Fees

If your dog or cat needs to stay in kennels or cattery’s while you have an emergency hospital visit, 4Paws will cover the fees  to £1,250 to £2,000 per policy year

Loss By Theft/Straying & Advertising

If your pet strays or is stolen, 4Paws will cover the original cost of your pet as well as the advertising and reward costs up to £1,500 – £2,000.

Death From Illness and Injury

If your pet dies as a result from illness or injury, 4Paws will cover the original costs of your pet up to £1,500 – £2,000, depending on your policy.

Holiday Cancellation

4Paws offers cover for holiday cancellation, in the event your cat or dog needs urgent surgery and you need to cancel your holiday. Cover ranges from £1,750 – £3,000

Overseas Travel

4Paws’s vet fee cover extends worldwide, with an additional £2,000 for emergency repatriation and £1,500 for quarantine or loss of documents costs.

What animals can I insure with 4PAWS?

4PAWS provides pet insurance cover for cats, dogs and rabbits. Cover can start from 6 weeks old with no upper limit on your pets age.

What types of policy do 4PAWS offer?

4PAWS currently offer four types of cover, including Accident Only, covering accidents up to 12 months, Standard, covering accidents and illness up to 12 months, Maximum Benefit, covering accidents and illness’ until the maximum amount has been met, and Lifetime, covering your pets accidents and illnesses for life.

Does 4PAWS cover pre-existing conditions?

4PAWS will cover any accident or illness that befalls your pet, provided it is covered in the policy. However, should your pet become ill, suffer an accident or develop an ongoing condition, 4PAWS will regard this as a pre-existing condition and will refuse coverage for that condition or any issues relating to it.

How long does it take to assess a claim?

4PAWS’ claims team are on hand, day or night, 7 days a week to help deal with your claim. 4PAWS claim to deal with your claim within 5 working days, providing all the information you have provided is correct.

About 4Paws

4Paws provides pet insurance for the nations cats, dogs and rabbits, providing different levels of cover to suit different budgets. All policies are currently underwritten by insurance giants Aviva, QIC and Covea.

About 4Paws Insurance

4Paws provides four levels of cover, Accident Only, Time Limited, Maximum Benefit and Lifetime Cover. Their Accident Only policy covers veterinary fees up to £1,250 per injury, with an additional £500 for complementary treatment and £300 for death from injury. Time Limited covers veterinary fees up to £3,000 per condition for both accident and illnesses. However, this policy will not cover your pet if it dies from injury or illness.

4Paws’ Maximum Benefit policy provides cover for veterinary fees up to £7,000 per condition, with additional benefits including complementary treatment up to £1000, boarding fees up to £1250, death from injury and illness and holiday cancellation up to £1750.

Their Lifetime policy will also cover injuries and illnesses up to £12,000 per year and is renewed each policy year. Additional benefits include complementary treatment up to £1500, up to £2,000 for boarding fees, death from injury and illness and up to £3,000 for holiday cancellation.

4Paws Contact Info

To contact 4Paws, visit their website and fill in the contact form at https://4paws.co.uk/contact/   

Alternatively, you can call their sales and claims team on 01423 535 040.

4Paws Pet Insurance products are sold and administered by NCI Insurance Services Limited, an Appointed Representative of NCI Vehicle Rescue plc which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm Reference: 307654).

Promotions & Offers

4Paws currently has no promotions or offers

How To Make A Claim

To make a claim with 4Paws, simply call their claims team on 01423 535 040

How To Cancel Your 4Paws Insurance Policy

There are two ways in which you can cancel your pet insurance policy. Simply get in touch using one of the following methods.

  • Call 01423 535 040

Fill in the contact form at https://4paws.co.uk/contact/

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