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Paws & Claws Pet Insurance offers a range of pet health policies that are comprehensive and affordable to all. All policies are underwritten by International Insurance Company of Hannover SE who are registered in Germany.

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Choose from six levels of pet insurance

Paws & Claws pet insurance options include six policies, One, Two Two Plus, Three, Four and Five paws. Each policy covers veterinary fees up to set limit and a range of renewable benefits. There is a useful guide to the types of benefits available below.

At Paws & Claws, there is a mandatory excess of £60 that is payable, per condition, per policy year. Once your pet reaches or begins a policy over 8 years old, a 15% co payment will also be required in addition to the standard excess.

The policy booklet has the full terms and conditions. For more information visit the Paws & Claws’s official website.

One PawTwo PawsTwo Paws PlusThree PawsFour PawsFive Paws
Type Of CoverAccident OnlyAccident Only12 MonthLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Veterinary Fees£1,000 £2,000 £2,000 £2,500 £3,500 £5,000
Maximum Benefit Limit£10,000£10,000£10,000Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Third Party LiabilityX£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,000,000£2,000,000£2,000,000
Complementary MedicineX£200£200£200£500£800
Special DietXXXX£100£100
Death of PetX£200£200X£500£1,000

Your benefits for pet insurance cover levels

Complementary Treatment & Special Diet

Paws & Claws will cover complementary treatment, including hydrotherapy, for your cat or dog up to £800, including cover for special diet up to £100, CT/MRI scans up to £1,000, cruciate ligament up to £2,000 and dentistry as a direct result of accident or injury up to £1,000.

Death From Illness and Injury

If your pet passes away as a result from illness or injury, Paws & Claws will cover the original costs of your pet up to £1,000, depending on your level of cover.

Boarding Fees

If you need to go into hospital for emergency medical treatment for more than 4 consecutive days and your pet requires lodgings  in kennels or catteries while you are in hospital, Paws & Claws will cover the fees up to £1,000

Loss By Theft/Straying & Advertising

If your pet strays or is stolen, Paws & Claws will cover the original cost of your pet as well as the advertising costs up to £1,000.

Overseas Travel

Paws & Claws vet fee cover extends worldwide and covers pets up to your vet fees limit for veterinary treatment and lost documents

Third Party Liability

If your dog responsible for causing an accident or injury, Paws & Claws will cover Third Party Liability claims up from £1,000,000 to £2,000,000.

What animals can I insure with Paws & Claws

Paws & Claws provide pet insurance for cats and dog from eight weeks old with no upper limit. Paws & Claws pledge to continue covering your pet into old age, as long as there has not been a break in cover.

What types of policy do Paws & Claws offer?

Paws & Claws currently offer five different policies, including two Accident Only options, three Lifetime options and one Time Limited. Paws & Claws covers up to £5,000 vet fees, per condition, per policy year, with additional benefits, such as dental care, dietary cover and emergency boarding. These are subject to policy inclusions.

Does Paws & Claws cover pre-existing conditions?

Unfortunately, Paws & Claws do not cover pre-existing conditions. Any condition, illness or injury that is diagnosed whilst under the policy will be covered by Paws & Claws, subject to the policy terms and conditions.

How long does it take to assess a claim?

Paws & Claws aim to have claims assessed within 5 working days, providing all information and documentation is correct and received in a timely manner.

About Paws & Claws

Paws & Claws are an award winning pet insurer, specialising in insurance policies for cats and dogs. They pride themselves on offering customers the best service they can.

About Paws & Claws

Paws & Claws currently provide six policies, One Paw, Two Paws, Two Paws Plus, Three Paws, Four Paws & Five Paws. Each policy covers a variety of different benefits with different levels of coverage to suit a variety of budgets.

One and Two Paws are 12 month, accident only policies, covering vet fees from £1,000 to £2,000 per incident. Two Paws will also cover complementary medicine up tp £200, dentistry as a result of an accident up to £200, emergency boarding and death of pet up to £200. However, it’s worth noting that both policies have a Maximum Benefit limit of £10,000 per year and will not cover CT/MRI scans, Cruciate Ligament. 1 Paw will also refuse to cover dentistry as a direct result of an accident/injury, death of pet, emergency boarding and complementary medicine.

Two Paws Plus is a 12 month policy that covers accident and illness. This policy covers vet fees up to £2,000, in addition to cruciate ligament, CT/MRI scans and associated cost, death of pet and emergency boarding.

Three Paws is the cheapest lifetime policy offered by Paws & Claws. This policy is an extension of Two Paws Plus, offering an unlimited Max benefit, but refusing to pay out for loss by theft or straying and advertising costs.

Four Paws is a Lifetime policy, covering vet fees up to £3,000 per condition per policy year with an unlimited maximum benefit limit. Four Paws covers additional benefits, such as special diet up to £100, Holiday cancellation up to £1,000 and overseas travel up to £3,500.

Five Paws is the costlier Lifetime policy option, offered by Paws & Claws. This policy is the most comprehensive option and  provides cover for vet fees up to £5,000 per condition per policy year.

Paws & Claws Contact Info

To contact Paws & Claws, please fill in the contact sheet on their website

Alternatively, you can call their offices directly:

  • Quote Line – 0343 309 1196
  • Claims – 0330 102 5747
  • Customer Service – 0330 102 5746

Promotions & Offers

  • 10% Multi-pet discount

How To Make A Claim

To make a pet insurance claim, you can submit an online claim form on Paws & Claws website. Alternatively, you can call the claims line on 0330 102 5747 or email them directly at

How To Cancel Your Paws & Claws Pet Insurance Policy

If you wish to cancel your policy, contact customer service on 0330 102 5746

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