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VetsMediCover provide high quality pet insurance. Through Intelligent underwriting, VetsMediCover create a friendly application and outstanding customer service to ensure they stand out from the crowd.


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Choose from four levels of pet insurance

VetsMediCover pet insurance policies includes Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond which have competitive cover, renewable benefits and up to 3 months overseas travel. There is a useful guide to the types of benefits available below. 

There is an excess that is payable, per condition. The standard excess is £90 per condition per policy year. In addition to the standard excess there will be a 10% percentage excess for pets aged 4 or over, 20% for pets aged 6 or over. Their Lifetime policy also covers pre-existing conditions if your pet has been symptom and treatment free for 24 months.

The policy booklet has the full terms and conditions. For more information visit the VetsMediCover’s official website.

Cover Type12 MonthsLifetimeLifetimeLifetime
Vet Fees£2,000£4,000£6,000£10,000
Complementary Therapy£500£750£750£750
Death Benefit£250£350£500£750
Third Party Liability£500,000£1,000,000£1,000,000£1,000,000
Dental Care£350£350£350£350
Hereditary & Congenital Defects CoverYesYesYesYes

Your benefits for pet insurance cover levels

Complementary Treatment & Special Diet

VetsMediCover will cover complementary treatment for your cat or dog up to £750

Death From Illness and Injury

If your pet passes away as a result from illness or injury, VetsMediCover will cover the original costs of your pet up to £750, depending on your level of cover.

Third Party Liability

If your dog responsible for causing an accident or injury, VetsMediCover will cover Third Party Liability claims up from £1,000,000

Dental Care

VetsMediCover provides cover for dental treatment as direct result of an accident up to £350 across all levels of cover.

Hereditary & Congenital Defects

VetsMediCover provides cover for hereditary and congenital defects as standard.

Boarding Fees

If you need to go into hospital for emergency medical treatment for more than 4 consecutive days and your pet requires lodgings  in kennels or catteries while you are in hospital, VetsMediCover will cover the fees up to £200 across all levels of cover

Loss By Theft/Straying & Advertising

If your pet strays or is stolen, VetsMediCover will cover the original cost of your pet as well as the advertising costs up to £750.

What animals can I insure with VetsMediCover

VetsMediCover provide pet insurance cover for cats and dogs aged eight weeks plus. While VetsMediCover will insure pets over eight years old, certain breeds will not be able to get cover over five years old.

What types of policy do VetsMediCover offer?

VetsMediCover currently offer four policies, Silver (Time Limited Policy), Gold, Platinum and Diamond (Lifetime policies). They cover vet fees up to £10,000, with additional benefits including hereditary and congenital defects cover, 20% of prescription food cover, emergency boarding fees and cover abroad up to three months.

Does VetsMediCover cover pre-existing conditions?

Any pet that has been symptom and treatment free for 24 consecutive months will be covered by VetsMediCover, should the condition, injury or illness arise again. This only applies to Lifetime policies. If you take out the annual cover, VetsMediCover cannot cover you for any known conditions.

How long does it take to assess a claim?

Whilst VetsMediCover cannot provide a time scale for assessing your claim, they advise you to submit your claims within three months of the date of injury or illness to receive a payout.

About VetsMediCover

VetsMediCover provide high quality pet insurance for dogs and cats across the UK. They take pride in keeping things simple and aim to provide a reliable insurance policy that is well delivered and gives you complete peace of mind.

About VetsMediCover

VetsMediCover provides four levels of cover packages; Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. It’s worth noting that, in addition to standard excess, VetMediCover charge an additional 10% percentage excess for pets aged 4 or over, 20% for pets aged 6 or over.

The Silver policy is a Time Limited policy that covers vet fees up to £2,000. The policy also covers additional benefits, such as Complementary Therapy up to £500, dental care up to £350, hereditary and congenital defects and emergency boarding fees up to £200.

The Gold package is the cheapest Lifetime policy offered by VetsMediCover and covers vet fees up to £4,000. In addition to this, the policy also covers benefits such as 20% of the cost of prescription food, complementary therapy up to £750 and advertising and reward for stolen/missing pets up to £87.50.

The Platinum provides cover for vet fees up to £6,000, with additional benefit cover including death benefit up to £500 and advertising and reward benefit up to £125.00.

The Diamond policy covers veterinary fees up to £10,000, as well as 40% of the cost of prescription food, loss by theft or straying up to £750 and death benefit up to £750.

VetsMediCover Contact Info

To contact VetsMediCover regarding a policy, call 0121 308 8685 or contact them directly at Alternatively, you can visit their website and fill in their contact form here

Promotions & Offers

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How To Make A Claim

To make a claim with VetsMediCover, notify the claims team as soon as you can by calling 03301 348 112. All claims should be submitted within three months of the injury or illness, so they can register the claim and commence your pet’s treatment.

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