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Tesco Pet Insurance

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Choose from four levels of pet insurance

Tesco pet insurance options currently offer four policies, ranging from Accident and Injury cover to Premier Cover. Each policy includes competitive cover and renewable benefits. There is a useful guide to the types of benefits available below.

There is also excess that is payable, per condition per policy year. This is fixed until the end of your policy and starts from £60 depending on how much you choose to pay. Please note, once your pet has reached a certain age, it will change from a defined amount to a percentage contribution. For dog insurance, third party liability claims on property damage require an excess of £250.

The policy booklet has the full terms and conditions. For more information visit the Tesco’s official website.

Accident & InjuryStandardExtraPremier
Vet Fee Limits£3,000£3,000Up to £7,500Up to £10,000
Time Limit For Vet Fees12 Months12 MonthsNo Time LimitedNo Time Limit
Complementary TreatmentsYesYesYesYes
Choice Of ExcessFrom £60 From £60 From £60From £60
Dental CoverYesYesYesYes
Pet DeathXUp to £200Up to £200Up to £200
Advertising & RewardXUp to £1,000Up to £1,000Up to £1,000

Your benefits for pet insurance cover levels

Loss By Theft/Straying & Advertising

If your pet strays or is stolen, Tesco Pet Insurance will cover the original cost of your pet as well as the advertising costs up to £1,000.

Boarding Fees

If you need to go into hospital for emergency medical treatment for more than 4 consecutive days and your pet requires lodgings  in kennels or catteries while you are in hospital, Tesco Pet Insurance will cover the fees up to £1,000

Death From Illness and Injury

If your pet passes away as a result from illness or injury, Tesco Pet Insurance will cover the original costs of your pet up to £1,500.

Complementary Treatment & Special Diet

Tesco Pet Insurance will cover complementary treatment, including hydrotherapy, for your cat or dog across all levels of cover.

Overseas Travel

Tesco Pet Insurance vet fee cover extends worldwide and covers pets up to your vet fees limit for veterinary treatment and lost documents

What animals can I insure with Tesco Bank?

Tesco Bank provides pet insurance for cats and dogs from eight weeks with no upper age limit.

What types of policy do Tesco Bank offer?

Tesco Bank offers four policies. Premier covers up to £10,000 in vet fees, lost pet cover and dental fees. Extra and Standard covers between £3,000 to £7,500 in vet fees for illness or injury, lost pet and dental cover. Accident & Injury covers injuries up to £3,000.

Does Tesco Bank cover pre-existing conditions?

Tesco Bank does not provide cover for conditions, illnesses or injuries diagnosed before the policy start date or during the 14 day wait period. Any condition, illness or injury diagnosed after that period of time will be covered by the policy.

How long does it take to assess a claim?

While Tesco Bank does not provide a time limit with assessing claims, their UK based team aim to handle pet insurance claims quickly and fairly.

About Tesco Bank

Tesco pride themselves on their range of simple and convenient insurance products designed specifically to meet the needs of Tesco customers.  

About Tesco

Tesco Pet Insurance offers four levels of protection, including Premier, Extra Cover, Standard Cover, Accident & Injury.

Premier is Tesco’s most comprehensive level of protection, offering lifetime cover for long term piece of mind. Premier pet insurance cover includes total vet fees limit of £7,500 or £10,000 per year, reinstated each year your policy is renewed to give you ongoing cover. Additional benefits covered in these policies include dental fees for illnesses and accidents and lost pet cover up to £1,000.

Extra is for those who want a little extra from their pet insurance policy, but don’t wish to pay a higher premium. Extra cover includes vet fees for each illness or injury up to £4,000 or £7,000 until  your vet fee limit is reached, dental cover as the result of an accident and up to £1,000 for kennel or cattery fees.

Standard helps provide you peace of mind should your cat or dog need veterinary treatment for accidents and illness. This policy covers up to £3,000 for vet fees for each eligible illness or accident for up to 12 months and complementary treatments, such as hydrotherapy or physiotherapy.

Accident & Injury covers the basics for your pet. This policy covers vet fees up to £3,000 for up to 12 months but will not cover anything relating to illness.

Tesco Contact Info

Tesco customer service lines are open Monday – Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am – 5pm. Claim lines are also open Monday to Saturday.

  • Getting a quote – 0345 078 3878
  • Customer Services (including chases to your policy) – 0345 078 3895
  • Make a claim – 0345 078 3860

Promotions & Offers

  • 20% off for new customers who buy pet insurance online
  • Multi-pet discount
  • Tesco Clubcard discount

How To Make A Claim

To make a claim with Tesco Pet Insurance, download the claims form on the website, https://www.tescobank.com/pet-insurance/making-a-claim/, and email it to tesco.petclaims@uk.rsagroup.com. Alternatively, you can post the forms to Tesco Pet Insurance, Freepost RSJG-ZJTB-GAGH, PO Box 1363, Peterborough, PE2 2QZ.

If you need to talk to someone about your claim, please call 0345 078 3860

How To Cancel Your Tesco Pet Insurance Policy

If you no longer wish to have your pet insurance policy with Tesco, you can cancel the policy within 14 days of the cover starting and will receive a full refund. Any cancellations after that date and you will not receive a refund for the payments already made.

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