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For 40 years, Adrian Flux has been providing fast, efficient and cost effective motor insurance. Since their inception, they have since gone on to provide a wide range of products, including travel insurance, bus conversion insurance, keycare and motorhome insurance.

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Choose from two levels of travel insurance

Adrian Flux provides two levels of travel insurance, including Single Trip and Annual Cover. Each policy has a variety of benefits, with competitive cover. There is a useful guide to the type of benefits featured, below.

There is also a payable excess which is fixed until the end of the policy. This excess will depend on your level of cover and the type of claim you submit. The policy booklet has the full terms and conditions. For more information, visit Adrian Flux’s official website.

Your benefits for travel insurance cover levels

Medical Expenses

If you suffer an illness or injury succumb to disease while travelling abroad, Adrian Flux will cover your medical bills up to £15 million as standard. This further extends to Hospital benefit, which covers expenses up to £1,000.

Personal Belongings

If your baggage is lost, damaged or stolen during your holiday, Adrian Flux will cover the cost of replacing essential items up to £2,000. This further extends to loss of passport, up to £300, and temporary loss of belongings up to £350.

Personal Accident

If you suffer an accident that results in permanent disablement, loss of limb or death, Adrian Flux will cover the cost, if you’re unable to return to work, up to £50,000.

Personal Liability

If you’re found liable for loss, injury or damage to property while travelling abroad, Adrian Flux will cover the cost up to £2,000,000 as standard.

What Type Of Policies Do Adrian Flux Offer?

Adrian Flux currently offer two types of insurance policy, Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip.

What Countries Are Not Covered By Adrian Flux?

Adrian Flux do not provide cover for countries or areas which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all travel to. This also includes areas with ‘advised against all but essential travel’. To check your destination’s FCO advice, visit

Does Adrian Flux Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Yes. Adrian Flux provides cover for pre-existing conditions. However, to ensure they are covered on your policy, you will have to declare. Failure to do so can result in your cover being cancelled.

How Long Does It Take To Assess A Claim?

Adrian Flux does not provide a time limit for assessing claims.

About Adrian Flux

Established 40 years ago, Adrian Flux Insurance Services and Sunworld Travel Insurance are arranged on behalf of AXA insurance UK plc. They provide a wide variety of fast, efficient and cost effective insurance products, ranging from motor insurance to travel insurance.

About Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux Travel Insurance provides two levels of travel insurance, including Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip. Each policy possesses a wide variety of benefits, that provide competitive financial cover should the unexpected occurs abroad. Each policy also comes with optional add ons, such as Winter Sports cover, Golf equipment cover, Business trip and business equipment cover.

Adrian Flux Contact Info

Adrian Flux Insurance Services, Sunworld Travel Insurance and AXA Insurance UK plc are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

Promotions & Offers

While Adrian Flux do not offer any promotions or offers, they claim 75% of customers could get a cheaper quote on the phone. For more information, visit


You can contact Adrian Flux via their contact form located on their contact pages. Visit for more information.

You can also call their offices directly. If you’re an existing customer wishing to discuss a travel insurance policy, please call 0344 381 6507. For new customers, please call 0800 369 8590.

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