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Saga is a British company focused on serving the needs of those aged 50 and over. It has 2.7 million customers


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Choose from one level of travel insurance

The table below shows a summary of Saga’s travel insurance options. They currently only have one level of cover for each insurance policy, and offer generous cover and benefits. Beneath the table, there is a useful guide to the types of benefits available.

There is also a payable excess, which is fixed until the end of the policy. The cost of this will depend on the type of claim you take out. For more information, visit

Saga Single Trip Cover
Medical Expenses£10,000,000
Hospital Benefit£1,000
Missed Departure£1,000
End Supplier FailureX
Lost/Stolen Documents£350
Personal Accident£30,000
Personal Liability£2,000,000

Your benefits for travel insurance cover levels

Medical Expenses

If you suffer an accident or illness abroad which requires emergency medical attention, Saga will cover the cost of medical treatment up to £10,000,000. This further extends to Hospital Benefit, which pays out up to £25 for each 24 hour period (up to £1,000).

Personal Accident

If you suffer an accident while travelling which causes permanent,total, disability, loss of limbs or death, Saga will provide a financial benefit if you’re unable to return to work up to £30,000 (£1,000 if aged under 16 and £15,000 if over 70)


If you need to cancel or curtail your trip for any of the reasons stated in your policy documents, Saga will cover the unused cost of your trip up to £10,000.

Missed or Delayed Departure

If you miss your departing flight, Saga travel insurance will cover the cost for your missed flight up to £1,000. Delayed departures will also be covered up to £35 for the first 12 hour period and £15 for each 12 hour period after that.

What Type Of Policies Do Saga Offer?

Saga currently offer two types of insurance policy, single and annual trip.

What countries are not covered by Saga?


Saga will not provide cover for countries or areas which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised against all travel to. This also includes areas with ‘advised against all but essential travel’. To check your destination’s FCO advice, visit



Does Saga Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Yes. Saga provides cover for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions. For more information on medical conditions Saga covers and their screening policy, visit

How Long Does It Take To Assess A Claim?

Saga do not provide a time limit for dealing with claims.

About Saga

Since its inception 65 years ago, Saga has grown to become one of the UK’s most trusted business, providing customers with excellent products and high quality customer service.

The Saga brand is now one of the most recognised and trusted brands, for its high quality, award winning products and services. These include cruises and holidays, insurance, personal finance and the Saga Magazine.

About Saga

Saga offers one level of travel insurance across its two policies, single and annual trip Each policy covers travellers aged 50+ and covers a variety of medical conditions ranging from cancer to heart conditions. The policies also include optional winter sports cover and provides a range of competitive benefits, such as cover for pet care, end supplier failure and enforced stay.

Promotions & Offers

Saga offer 30% off for single and multi trip policies bought online.


To contact a member of Saga’s sales department, call 0800 015 0757. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 8:00pm, Saturday 8:30am – 5:00pm and Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm.

To make a claim, call 0800 092 2099 or 07144 444 2106, if you’re calling from abroad. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm and are closed weekends.

For medical assistance, you can call Saga’s emergency line on 01444 442105. Lines are open 24 hour a day.

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