Last Minute Travel Insurance

We all know someone who’s spent months planning the holiday of their dreams and totally forgotten about taking out a travel insurance policy (arguably one of the most important things to consider when booking a holiday). But if you’ve found yourself in that situation, don’t panic, you can still get cover for you and your family at the very last minute. Some last minute travel insurance providers will insure you right up until you leave the UK and a few will even insure you when you’re already abroad, but you’ll probably pay a higher premium than if you booked before you travelled.

What does last minute travel insurance cover?

Booking last minute holiday insurance shouldn’t have an effect on what’s covered. You should be covered for medical care while abroad, lost luggage, disruption to travel plans and the loss or theft of personal belongings such as phones, cameras and money.

However, if you book last minute travel insurance and then need to cancel your holiday, your insurance provider is unlikely to pay out. Many providers will only cover cancellation if you’ve had the policy in place for a specific time period before you’re due to leave the UK. This is to stop people from taking out a policy at the very last minute because they know they need to cancel their holiday and they want to claim the money back.

Typically, insurance providers won’t accept your claim if:

  • You’ve been refused travel by an airline for any reason
  • You’ve ignored Foreign and Commonwealth Office and travelled to a country despite them advising not to
  • You’ve failed to get a Visa or other documentation you require to visit a particular country
  • You’ve broken the law of a country you’re visiting
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Why should I buy travel insurance in advance?

If you wait until the last minute to take out a travel insurance policy, you risk losing out on important cover, such as cancellation cover. Any claims you do make will be carefully scrutinised which could cause delays. Your insurance provider will probably ask you to provide additional proof that your claim happened after your policy was taken out.

Taking out a policy when you book your holiday also gives you enough time to compare travel insurance and make sure you find a policy that best suits your needs.

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