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Bought By Many was founded in 2012 and has been improving the world of insurance ever since. They go above and beyond to offer better insurance for everyone, so it’s no surprise that they received a Platinum Trusted Service Award from Feefo this year and they were voted Most Trusted Pet Insurance Provider at the 2019 Moneywise Customer Service Awards. They also feature at the top of our pet insurance comparison table that values the level of service providers offer over the cost of policies. We take a deeper look to find out exactly what Bought By Many offer and why they’re so valued by customers.

Bought By Many welcomed pet insurance to their offerings in 2017. The six policies that they currently sell were designed using comments from over 40,000 pet owners. These comments helped them identify common issues with existing policies. As a result of this, Bought By Many’s policies are completely innovative and attempt to fix the things that pet owners dislike about other pet insurance policies. One of these issues being the inability to insure pets with recent pre-existing conditions. Some insurers will cover pre-existing conditions provided your pet recovered from them at least two years ago but Bought By Many believe that this isn’t good enough. To overcome this, they were the first UK pet insurer to offer a ‘Pre-Existing’ policy that includes:

  • Cover for past medical issues – they’ll provide cover for your pet as long as it has been medication, advice and treatment free for three months before the policy start date.
  • Vet fees – £500 of vet fee cover for pre-existing conditions, which will increase to £1,000 after the first year if you don’t claim for the condition. Also, new conditions are covered up to £7,000 each year.
  • Comprehensive cover – liability insurance included as standard and farewell cover if your pet has to be put to sleep.

If your pet has a pre-existing condition but hasn’t needed medication, professional advice or treatment in the past two years, they can be covered on any of Bought By Many’s pet insurance policies.

Another key detail that sets Bought By Many apart from other insurance providers is the simplicity of their policies. They understand that insurance can be confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with common terms. Not only is insurance jargon challenging to understand, but it can also be confusing knowing exactly what you are and aren’t covered for, which can cause problems further down the line if you ever need to make a claim. Bought By Many have made it as easy as possible for customers to understand their policy. And they were the first company to be awarded Fairer Finance’s Clear & Simple Mark for their easy-to-understand policy documents.

Bought By Many recognise that policies like time-limited pet insurance can be particularly confusing as they don’t offer cover for conditions year after year. To avoid confusion, all of Bought By Many’s pet insurance policies offer lifetime cover and vet fee limits will simply reset to the full amount each year you renew your policy with them.

Bought By Many have also simplified the claims process and made it easier than ever before. With technology at the heart of what they offer, all claims can be made online and there are no confusing forms involved. In fact, they were the first UK pet insurer to offer online, form-free claims. Bought By Many will even contact the vet on your behalf. But if you’d prefer, you’re still welcome to call them and get assistance with your claim from their dedicated customer services team.

Their latest innovation was to remove the industry standard two week waiting period for pet owners who have switched to them. Normally, if you switch pet insurance providers, there’s a 14 day exclusion period between your old policy ending and new policy starting within which you’re unable to claim. Bought By Many didn’t think this was necessary, so they’ve removed it to make insurance better for their customers.

Bought By Many claims to be open, transparent and dedicated to their customers. Their main goal is to offer better insurance by improving prices, expanding what people can get cover for and delivering exceptional customer service. Many people know the pain of calling up an insurance company, getting asked countless questions and then being put on hold, but Bought By Many customers can’t relate. In 2018, their customer services team answered all calls in an impressive 60 seconds or less.

It’s clear to see that Bought By Many’s customers are at the heart of what they do and they are committed to delivering excellent customer service, from simplifying policies and ditching the 14 day waiting period, to being the first UK pet insurer to offer online only claims. Here’s what some of their customers had to say about them:

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