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Welcome to Compare By Review

We were founded on the belief that insurance comparison should be geared towards the quality of service and products, rather than solely on price. We’re the first and only comparison site that focuses and ranks providers exclusively on customer experience and product quality.

With 92% of consumers now trusting recommendations above advertising, our team of editors and researchers collate reviews, rank the important bits and score each provider with our own unique rating system so you can find the right product that meets your needs.

Our customer promise

Unbiased opinion
We don’t have favourites and cannot be bought. At Compare By Review, we provide clear, impartial information so that you can go on to purchase a product that meets your needs.
Save time, less hassle
Nobody wants to spend ages managing their finances. We take the hassle out of comparing service providers by combining customer experiences and product quality to create a clear comparison table of the best providers.
We'll never sell your data
We built our business with you in mind. That’s why we will never share your data with 3rd parties and make sure all our providers meet our strict partner criteria.
Genuine reviews
Our reviews are generated for the people, by the people. We believe that honest reviews are the best way to deliver a reliable view of companies and help you buy with confidence.

How we calculate our review scores

At Compare By Review, we calculate review scores using our unique algorithm. Our team of researchers and editors review the product quality through a number of tools and checks before collecting real user reviews across 3rd party platforms, as well as our own. The outcome of our research is then calculated to create our unique review score.

Our review scores are not influenced by monetary bids or commissions. Our website provides an impartial and unbiased overview of the market so you can make a more informed choice.

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