Accident Only Pet Insurance

Accident only pet insurance explained

As the name suggests, accident only pet insurance policies cover the cost
of treatment if your pet is involved in an accident. It’s typically the cheapest
type of pet insurance policy you can get as it offers the least extensive cover.
Some providers may offer accident and illness pet insurance to cover your pet
if they become ill as a result of an accident, but most don’t cover illnesses at all.

What are the pros and cons of accident only pet insurance?


  • Premiums are less expensive than other pet insurance policies
  • Good choice for young pets who are unlikely to have health conditions


  • Only covers your pet for accidents
  • There’s likely to be a cap on how much you can claim for each accident
  • Most policies tend to last 12 months so ongoing treatment won’t be covered

How does accident only pet insurance work?

Accident only pet insurance pays out a fixed sum towards each accident your pet suffers from. Some policies also cover illnesses that are caused as a result of the accident too but this isn’t very common. You should read your policy details thoroughly to see what your pet accident insurance covers. As with all pet insurance policies, there’s typically a cap and time limit on the cover. If you want your pet to receive cover continuously, you need to keep your monthly payments up to date and renew your accident only dog insurance or cat insurance at the end of each policy term.

Is accident only pet insurance right for me?

You might think that an accident only policy is appealing because it’s the cheapest pet insurance available. But it’s important that you understand that accident only policies offer no cover or very limited cover for illnesses. Illnesses can tend to cost more in the long run, particularly if you have a pedigree cat or dog that is known to suffer from hereditary diseases. If you take out an accident only pet insurance whilst your pet is young and they develop a lifelong condition such as arthritis, you will be unable to claim for this condition for as long as your pet needs treatment for it. Basic treatment for arthritis can cost around £5,475 a year. You won’t be able to claim any of these costs back if you have an accident only policy. Even if you want to change insurer or change policy type in the future, you would have to declare the condition as pre-existing and cover for that particular condition would be excluded. It’s really important to bear this in mind if you’re considering an accident only policy because your pet could end up becoming a financial burden in the future if you opt for a cheaper, less comprehensive policy when they’re young.

What other types of pet insurance can I get?

There are three other types of pet insurance policies available: 

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