Maximum Benefit Pet Insurance

What is maximum benefit pet insurance?

Maximum benefit pet insurance policies allow you to claim for illness and injuries up to a pre-set limit, usually around £1,500. It’s typically seen as a mid-range pet insurance option. Unlike time limited policies, you’ll be able to claim for the same condition more than once. However, once you’ve reached the maximum amount, you’ll have to pay for further treatment yourself.

What are the pros and cons of maximum benefit pet insurance?


  • When you’ve reached the limit for one condition, other conditions can still be covered
  • Perfect for covering costs if your pet needs ‘maintaining’ medication for their whole life
  • No time constraints if you renew your policy


  • When you’ve reached the limit for a particular condition, you won’t be able to claim for that condition again
  • If your pet needs an operation, you could reach the limit very quickly
  • The maximum amount isn’t reset every year, if you use 50% of the maximum benefit in one year, you’ll only have 50% left for the remaining years
  • Only covers new illnesses and injuries, not pre-existing conditions

What other types of pet insurance can I get?

There are three other types of pet insurance policies available: 

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