Privacy Policy

Data controller is the trading name of Compare by Review Limited.

The data controller is Compare by Review Limited registered in England and Wales registered number 10638411 at 1 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex. In this Privacy Policy, “we”, “us”, and “our” means Compare by Review Limited.

Your rights

We comply with and are registered under the data protection laws in the United Kingdom and take all reasonable steps to prevent any unauthorised access to your personal data.

We reserve the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and any changes will be published on this website.

You are also entitled to ask us to remove any personal information from our records and if you wish to do this then please contact us so that we may consider your request.

To contact us about any of your rights set out in this Privacy Policy please write to us at Compare by Review Limited, 1 Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex or by email

Providing data about other people

This privacy policy sets out in detail how your data will be used by us. If you are providing us with another person’s data you should ask them to also read this Privacy Policy. By giving us information about another person you are confirming that they have given you consent to provide the information to us.

Communicating with you

It is very important to us that we provide a service that meets the expectations of our customers and this section will explain how we will use your data to communicate with you.

  • Review confirmation
    When you leave a review with us, you will automatically be sent confirmation of your review by email so that we can verify the email is from a consumer and to prevent spam on our comparison table. This is a standard part of the service that we offer and by using the service, you agree to receive these communications.
  • Updates from Compare by Review
    Where you tell us you’re happy to receive information from us, we may send you communications from which may include the following:
    Further information about the services we offer
    Opportunities to participate in market research

We will always contact you via email or other electronic means such as via social and digital media.

We may also use your data to allow us to show you adverts while you are online that are relevant to you. Sometimes, we will use cookies to do this and you can find out more about this and how to turn off cookies by reading our cookie policy. If you do not wish to receive communications from us, you can let us know any time by contacting us.

Products/service websites

We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of other websites. Whenever possible we will only partner with other websites which maintain the same high-quality standards that are present on our own website but we cannot guarantee this. If you click through to any of our product or service providers websites, you will be subject to that product or service provider’s website terms and conditions and privacy policy which we recommend you read carefully.