About Compare by Review

Compare by Review is founded on the belief that insurance comparison should be geared towards the quality of service and products, rather than solely on price. We’re the first and only website that ranks providers exclusively on customer experience and product quality.

With 92% of consumers trusting recommendations above advertising, our team of editors and researchers collate reviews, rank the important bits and score each provider with our own unique rating system so you can find the right product that meets your needs.

What does Compare by Review do?

We’ve taken the hassle out of comparing service providers by developing a unique process for researching customer experiences. We combine their review ratings to calculate our unique Review Score, giving you a clear comparison of the best providers.
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We collate and analyse user reviews from across all third-party review platforms

Quality awards

We compare the industry quality awards and ratings that actually matter


We know that pricing can’t be ignored so our team collate like-for-like prices


We analyse all this data and rank each provider with our own unique rating system

How does Compare by Review make money?

Compare by Review is completely free to use, you don’t have to sign up as a member or pay any fees to use our service. Any payment we receive comes directly from our partners, but unlike our competitors, we don’t have favourites. Our comparison tables are not influenced by monetary bids or commissions, so you can be assured that our Review Score is completely impartial and unbiased.

Who do we work with?

While we feature some of the UK’s top providers on our comparison tables, we are not partnered or affiliated with any organisation. We do not accept bids or commission from providers to be featured on our site and only allow companies who meet our strict criteria onto our comparison table.