About us

About Us

Compare By Review is a startup founded on the belief that insurance comparison should be geared towards the quality of service and products, rather than just on price. We are the first and only comparison site that focuses and ranks providers exclusively on customer experience and product quality. We’ve taken the hassle out of comparing service providers by developing a unique process for researching customer experiences. We combine their review ratings to calculate our unique review score, giving you a clear comparison of the best providers.

Calculating Our Review Score

Our team of editors and researchers review the whole market, only ranking providers that meet certain minimum criteria. We take real user reviews into account across a number of 3rd party platforms, as well as our own, to ensure providers deliver on their promises and operate fairly. We also review product quality through a number of tools and checks. The outcome of our research is then calculated using our unique algorithm.

Our review score is not influenced by monetary bids or commissions offered to us by providers. Our website offers an impartial and unbiased overview of each market, we do not provide recommendations but we do present clear information for you, so you can make a more informed choice.

What Products and Services Does Compare By Review Compare?

We know managing your finances, choosing new insurers or selecting your next energy supplier can be time consuming, so our team has done the hard work for you by researching providers and calculating our review score for each.

We may not feature all the providers you would expect as they have to meet certain minimum criteria to be part of the comparison tables. We only work with insurers that we feel you can rely on.

Our tables compare providers across:

You may find that you cannot access all of the products we claim to have available. That is because we are constantly improving our services to make using Compare By Review as quick and as easy as possible and continue to expand our list of products and services.

How Does Compare By Review Make Money?

Compare By Review currently does not earn money from the services we provide. In the future we would plan to charge an EQUAL out click rate for those providers who wish to have a link directly to their site. Everyone will pay the same rate so therefore our charges will not influence the providers listing position.

Can I Trust Your Comparison Tables?

Everyone’s needs are different, so we aim to help you find the right product for you. That’s why we rank our providers by consumer reviews as we believe that is the best way to deliver a reliable view of companies and help you purchase a policy.

Unlike our competitors, we do not allow bids or commission from providers to affect their ranking on our comparison table. To ensure providers operate fairly and offer the service you really want, our comparison table takes real user reviews from 3rd party platforms, as well as our own, into account.

Using our unique algorithm, our experts are able to calculate customer reviews and product quality to provide an overall score and rank providers in our comparison tables, giving you a clear comparison of the best providers.

Will Providers Contact Me?

We believe that your data is your business and we do not ask for any personal information unless you leave a review on our website. We will never share your data with third parties and have an anti-spam policy. We take your privacy seriously and follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of your information as required by law. If you click through to any insurers websites, you will be subject to their Privacy Policy in relation to any communications you receive from them.

Our customer promises

Unbiased opinion

We don’t have favourites and cannot be bought. It’s in our best interests to help you make an informed choice – and because honesty is important to us, our scores are completely unbiased. At Compare By Review, we provide clear, impartial information so that you can go on to purchase a product that meets your needs.

Save time, less hassle

Managing your finances isn’t something you want to spend ages on. We’ve taken the hassle out of comparison service providers with our own, unique process. We combine customer experiences and review ratings to give you a clear comparison table of the best providers, so you spend less time trawling through the web and more time doing the things you love.

We never sell your data

We built our business with you in mind. That’s why we will never share your data with 3rd parties and make sure all our providers meet our strict partner criteria

Genuine reviews

Our reviews are generated by the people, for the people. We believe that honest reviews are the best way to deliver a reliable view of companies and help you buy with confidence.