Lifetime Pet Insurance

What is lifetime pet insurance?

Lifetime pet insurance policies offer the most comprehensive level of cover. Due to this, they tend to be the most expensive type of pet insurance policy you can get. A lifetime policy is a great option if you want your pet to be covered for a wide variety of injuries and illnesses throughout their life.

What types of lifetime pet insurance can I get?

You can choose from two types of lifetime pet insurance:

  • Annual limit per condition
  • Condition limit

Annual limit per condition

If your lifetime pet insurance policy has an annual limit per condition, you’ll be able to claim a maximum amount for each condition your pet develops. For example, your policy could have a condition limit of £7,000. If your dog developed diabetes and the vet bills for the year came to £5,000, the cost would be covered by the policy. However, if the vet bills came to £7,500 for the year, you’d have to pay out the remaining £500. If you renew the cover at the end of the year, the limit would be reset.

The benefit of having an annual limit per condition is that if your pet is unfortunate enough to develop more than one condition, you can claim the maximum amount for the treatment of each condition.

Condition limit

Policies with a condition limit allow you to claim a set limit per condition for life. For example, if the lifetime limit is £50,000, you can claim up to £50,000 for each condition throughout your pet’s life, as long as you renew the policy every year.

What are the pros and cons of lifetime pet insurance?


  • Covers chronic conditions
  • Covers hereditary conditions
  • Protects you from the cost of ongoing treatment


  • Premiums can be costly compared to time limited policies
  • Once you’ve reached the maximum set limit, you’ll have to pay the rest
  • You have to stay with the same provider each year to benefit

What other types of pet insurance can I get?

There are three other types of pet insurance policies available: 

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