A Step by Step Guide to Grooming Your Dog From Home

With the UK currently in lockdown and salons throughout the country shut, many people are finding it impossible to stay on top of their hair care routine. And with pet parlours also closed, our once pampered pooches will no doubt be feeling slightly shabby by now. But fear not, we’ve spoken to dog groomers across the country and come up with a step by step guide to grooming your dog at home. With a lot of treats and a little perseverance, you’ll be able to keep your pooch smelling good and keep the fur at bay, at least until you can safely visit a professional.

How to Groom Your Dog Infographic

Harry Scott, Pet Product Marketing Manager from Mikki Pet said;

“If you are unable to get your pooch to the groomer for their regular grooming session then you will need to maintain the health of their coat at home. The brushes & tools that you have in your grooming kit will vary according to your dog’s coat type, but the key items are, a matt breaker to cut down large and difficult knots, an anti-tangle comb – this is best used to ease through the medium-sized tangles and a hard pin slicker brush which will get through minor knots and tangles whilst also removing dead hair from both the under and topcoat. The slicker brush can be used on a daily basis to leave your dog’s coat looking glossy and healthy. If your dog is the nervous type or you have a new dog that you are trying to build a bond with then a gentle grooming mitt is a great way to give your dog’s coat a massage.”

During lockdown, it’s key to keep your pooch entertained and calm especially if the home is a little busier than normal. If you are going to attempt to give your dog a trim, you need to make sure he or she is as relaxed as possible.

Claire Lawrence, author and dog training instructor added;

”Set your dog up for success and tire them before the grooming. 10-15 minutes of sniffing games are the equivalent of an hours walk and can help to calm down your dog.”

The Pet Industry Federation state that it’s ‘important not to force your dog. If they appear scared or worried, then grooming little and often is best’.

Grooming at home can be a fun experience for both the owner and the dog-the most important thing is to keep it fun and remember to give plenty of praise…to your dog and yourself.