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The Insurance Emporium offers a 10% multi-pet discount and a 20% introductory discount for all new policyholders.

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The Insurance Emporium offers a wide range of pet-related products to cover your furry loved one's health-related issues. They offer cover for cats, senior cats, dogs and senior dogs which includes an extensive list of options to suit yours and your pets needs.


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Benefits of The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance

  • The Insurance Emporium’s Lifetime Gold Annual, Lifetime Gold Calendar/Lunar Monthly, Lifetime Gold Calendar/Lunar Monthly Senior, Lifetime Silver Calendar/Lunar Monthly, Maximum Benefit Gold Calendar/Lunar Monthly have all been awarded a 5 Star Defaqto rating
  • The Insurance Emporium specialises in specific covers for both young and old animals
  • They also offer policies to cover horses and riders
  • The Insurance Emporium offers a 20% introductory discount plus 10% multi-pet discount
  • Optional benefits allow you to create a policy that suits your pets needs
  • The Insurance Emporium can either pay you or your vet directly
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Compare The Insurance Emporium pet insurance policies

The Insurance Emporium offers five different types of pet insurance policies:

  • Public Liability Only – covers legal costs and compensation if your dog ever injures someone or damages their property
  • Accident Only – provides vet’s fees cover if your pet requires treatment for an injury caused by an accident
  • Time Limited – provides vet’s fees cover for up to 365 days from the date you or your vet first noticed signs of the injury or illness
  • Maximum Benefit – provides vet’s fees cover for each injury or illness to the maximum amount available, irrespective of the time taken to reach it
  • Lifetime – covers vet’s fees for life provided you keep your premiums up to date

The Insurance Emporium’s Public Liability Only and Accident Only policies both offer one level of cover, however, for all other policy types, you have a choice between Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of cover. The levels of cover are detailed in the table below.


Cover Public liability only Accident Only Time Limited Maximum Benefit Lifetime
Public liability £1.5m Not included £1.5m £1.5m £1.5m
Vet fees Not included £3k £1.5k/£4k/£6k £2k/£4.5k/£7.5k £2.5k/£5k/£8k
Death of pet Not included Not included £1k/£1.25k/£1.5k £1k/£1.25k/£1.5k £1k/£1.25k/£1.5k
Boarding kennel fees Not included Not included £750/£1k/£1.25k £750/£1k/£1.25k £750/£1k/£1.25k
Holiday cancellation Not included Not included £1.25k/£1.5k/£1.75k £1.25k/£1.5k/£1.75k £1.25k/£1.5k/£1.75k
Loss by theft or straying Not included Not included £1k/£1.25k/£1.5k £1k/£1.25k/£1.5k £1k/£1.25k/£1.5k
Advertising & reward Not included Not included £750/£800/£850 £750/£800/£850 £750/£800/£850
Accidental damage Not included Not included £700/£750/£800 £700/£750/£800 £700/£750/£800
Personal accident Not included Not included £150/£200/£250 £150/£200/£250 £150/£200/£250


What additional benefits can I add onto my pet insurance policy?

The Insurance Emporium gives you the ability to tailor your policy by adding on any of the following additional benefits:

  • European cover (not available on Accident Only or Public Liability policies)
  • Euthanasia and cremation (not available on Accident Only or Public Liability policies)
  • National pet register
  • Legal helpline


Managing your policy and making a claim

The Insurance Emporium allows you to make changes to your policy details, access documents and much more through their online portal. Simply register your account, log into the online portal and click on ‘My Profile’ to make changes to your details. If you’d prefer, you can contact The Insurance Emporium team by submitting a form on their website or calling them on 0330 244 007.

Making a claim is easy. Simply log into your My Emporium account online to download a claim form and complete all sections correctly and truthfully. You then need to return your claim form and any supporting documentation to:

Email: claims@emporium.co.uk
Fax: 03300 242 971
Post: The Insurance Emporium, Thorpe Underwood Hall, Ouseburn, York, YO26 9SS

A member of their team will get back to you within two working days (not including weekends) to acknowledge that they’ve received your claim. They aim to assess your claim in a prompt and timely manner. However, if you fail to submit supporting evidence that is required, the process will be delayed.

If your claim is successful, you’ll receive payment by BACS transfer. Any items that aren’t covered by the policy and the policy excess will be deducted from the settlement.

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