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All policies cover conditions that ended more than two years ago and all policyholders get free unlimited vet calls 24/7.

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Compare ManyPets pet insurance policies

ManyPets welcomed pet insurance to their offerings in 2017. The six policies that they currently sell were designed using comments from over 40,000 pet owners. These comments helped them identify common issues with existing policies. As a result of this, ManyPets’s policies are completely innovative and attempt to fix the things that pet owners dislike about other pet insurance policies. One of these issues being the inability to insure pets with recent pre-existing conditions. Some insurers will cover pre-existing conditions provided your pet recovered from them at least two years ago but ManyPets believe that this isn’t good enough. To overcome this, they were the first UK pet insurer to offer a ‘Pre-Existing’ policy that includes:

  • Cover for past medical issues – they’ll provide cover for your pet as long as it has been medication, advice and treatment free for three months before the policy start date.
  • Vet fees – £500 of vet fee cover for pre-existing conditions, which will increase to £1,000 after the first year if you don’t claim for the condition. Also, new conditions are covered up to £7,000 each year.
  • Comprehensive cover – liability insurance included as standard and farewell cover if your pet has to be put to sleep.

If your pet has a pre-existing condition but hasn’t needed medication, professional advice or treatment in the past two years, they can be covered on any of ManyPets’s pet insurance policies.

ManyPets offers five other types of pet insurance policies:

  • Complete – the most comprehensive type of policy they offer – up to £15,000 of vet fee cover, dental cover included and more.
  • Regular – a lifetime policy that offers up to £7,000 of vet fee cover for a year and the option of no excess for pets under 9.
  • MoneyBack – a lifetime policy with up to £7,000 cover for vet fees. For each year you don’t make a claim, you can get 20% of your premium paid back.
  • Fixed For Life – if you purchase this policy before your pet turns 2, the premium will be fixed for your pet’s life. It will never increase, even if you claim.
  • Value – conditions are covered for up to £3,000 of lifetime vet fee cover.

All of the benefits of each policy type are detailed in the table below.

Benefit Value Fixed For Life Pre-existing MoneyBack Regular Complete
Vet fees £3k £7k £7k £7k £7k £15k
Type of cover Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Liability (dogs only) £1m £2m £2m £2m £2m £3m
Dental cover Accidents only Accidents only Accidents only Accidents only Accidents only Accidents & Illnesses
Farewell cover £150 £150 £150 £150 £150 £150
Emergency minding £100 £1.5k £1.5k £1.5k £1.5k £2k
Travel cover Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included Included
Lost or Stolen Cover Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included £6k
Pass away Cover Not included Not included Not included Not included Not included £6k
Pre-existing conditions cover Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago £500 in year 1 & £1,000 in year 2 Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Excess £99 £99 £99 £99 £99 £99


Please note, the figures listed in the table show the maximum amount available, most providers will allow you to choose the limit you want from a predetermined list.


Making a claim

Claiming on your ManyPets pet insurance is easy. Simply log in to your account. Head to ‘My account‘, then ‘My quotes and policies’ and select ‘Make a claim’. Let them know what you’re claiming for, which vet your used and how much money you need to claim back. If you’d prefer to speak to a member of the team about your claim, you can contact ManyPets on 0333 130 4552. The team will handle the claims process for you and you won’t be asked to fill out any lengthy forms.

To speed up the claims process, you should provide ManyPets with an itemised invoice of your trip to the vet along with the past 24 months of your pet’s medical history, if you don’t have this information, ManyPets can get it from your vet for you. You can track the process of your claim in your account and you’ll also receive regular updates via text message and email. Once your claim has been approved, you can choose whether you want to be paid or if you want the vet to be paid directly.

Contact ManyPets

If you have a general enquiry, you can call ManyPets on 0345 340 4090 or you can select the ‘Submit a Request’ or ‘Contact Us’ buttons on their website.

For claim queries or to make a claim, you can call 0333 130 4552 or email Alternatively, you can log in to your account to make new claims or track the progress of existing claims.

ManyPets also offers all policyholders (apart from Liability Only policyholders) free and unlimited video consultations with UK registered vets through the FirstVet app. If you’re concerned about your pet, you can speak to their vets to get advice, treatment recommendations or referral to your local practice. This service is available 24/7 and the vets are happy to answer any questions you have or give you a second opinion about a diagnosis. Your pet insurance will not be affected by using FirstVet, it doesn’t count as a claim and there’s no cost for using the service.

Frequently asked Questions

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Yes, they offer a 15% multi-pet discount when you include more than one pet on the policy.

Yes, they offer policies that can cover pre-existing conditions. 

ManyPets have an online claim process called Snap Claims.  This easy to use service alleviates all the paperwork commonly associated with making a claim. 

ManyPets paid out 97% of claims last year.

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