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cycleGuard has provided specialist bicycle insurance for over 20 years. Whether you commute, e-bike, compete, ride for pleasure or even tandem, we’ve got options to suit your needs.

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Bicycle insurance only based on a £1,000 road bike.

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Bicycle and cyclist insurance based on a £1,000 road bike.

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Personal accident cover


Public liability cover


Benefits of cycleGuard Bicycle Insurance

•    Cover in the UK & 30 days worldwide 
•    Multi Bike Discount
•    24/7 Cycle Rescue
•    Public Liability up to £1m 
•    0% monthly payment option

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What does cycleGuard cover?

As standard, all cycleGuard policies include:

  • £2,500 accessories cover

cycleGuard can cover up to £2,500 of your cycle equipment. Including light sets, clothing, shoes and much more.

  • Replacement bike hire

If your bike is in the process of being repaired or replaced, cycleGuard provides up to £500 for you to hire a replacement.

  • Cycle rescue cover

cycleGuard’s 24/7 recovery team can get you and your bike back to safety in the event of a breakdown provided you are at least a quarter of a mile from your insured location.

  • New for old cover

cycleGuard cover includes no bike-value depreciation when you use their approved claims service. Market value is available for any cycle clothing.

You have the option of extending your cycleGuard bicycle insurance policy by adding on any of these additional levels of cover:

  • Optional personal injury cover

cycleGuard's optional global travel cover includes up to £300 in damages to a bike box in transit. Maximum 60 days per trip.

  • Optional global travel cover

30 days EU travel cover is included as standard but you can extend this to 365 worldwide cover if required.

  • Optional race and compete cover

Provides cover up to £750 for race entry fees, £500 for associated travel and accommodation costs, as well as up to £200 for clothing lost in a transition area.

  • Optional public liability cover

cycleGuard offers up to £5 million to protect you against cycling-related claims made against you.

About cycleGuard bicycle insurance

Before you set off on your bike, you’ll want to know you’ve got an insurance policy that goes that extra mile. cycleGuard provide specialist bicycle insurance to keep you in the saddle. Their cover is designed for all types of cyclists, no matter how often you ride or what you own, with mountain bikes, e-bikes and more included in the cover.  

Find out why thousands of cyclists are choosing specialist insurance each year:

  •  Cover in the UK & 30 days worldwide
  • Multi-Bike discount
  • 24/7 Cycle Rescue
  • In-Vehicle cover
  • 0% monthly payment option

For regular racers and triathletes, you can extend your cover to make sure nobody puts the brakes on your performance. cycleGuard offers additional cover for extended global travel, personal injury up to £25,000, extended Pubic Liability up to £5million and Race & Compete cover. From those who love the thrill of downhill, to daily commuters, cycleGuard’s straightforward policy means you can have the cover you need to cycle with confidence. 

Contact cycleGuard

For general enquiries, email or call 0333 004 3444. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-7pm and Saturday 9am-5pm.

Alternatively, you can write to cycleGuard at:
Thistle Insurance Services Limited
Southgate House
Southgate Street

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