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All of Eversure's policies include worldwide cover at no extra cost, so you're covered at home and away.

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Eversure offers great value bicycle insurance for leisure and competitive cyclists alike. As well as covering essentials like theft, accidental damage and malicious damage, Eversure's customisable bicycle insurance plans can also provide cover for personal accidents, worldwide travel and the cost of hiring a replacement bike. All of their policies work on a new for old basis, so if your bicycle is damaged, stolen or lost, they'll replace it with a new quivalent model.


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Bicycle insurance only based on a £1,000 road bike.

Bicycle only


per year

Personal accident cover


Public liability cover


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Bicycle and cyclist insurance based on a £1,000 road bike.

Bicycle & cyclist


per year

Personal accident cover


Public liability cover


What does Eversure bicycle cover include?

All of Eversure’s bicycle insurance policies include the following as standard:

  • Theft
  • Addicental & malicious damage
  • Family cover
  • 90 days worldwide cover

You can choose to tailor your policy to include the following optional levels of cover at an extra cost:


Cover theft and accidental damage to your cycling accessories.

  • £250 for £7.99 per year
  • £500 for £12.80 per year
  • £1,000 for £20.00 per year

Personal accident cover

Providers cover if you’re injured whilst on your bicycle.

  • £10,00 for £14.40 per year
  • £25,000 for £20.00 per year

Public liability cover

Protects you against claims brought on by a third-party as a result of damage or injury you caused.

  • £1 million for £16.00 per year
  • £2 million for £27.20 per year
  • £5 million for £43.20 per year

Replacement bike hire

Covers the cost of hiring a bike whilst yours is being repaired or replaced following a claim.

  • £500 for £9.60
  • £750 for £14.40
  • £1,000 for £19.20

Legal expenses

Covers the legal costs to pursue or defend incidents that may occur relating to your bicycle.

  • £250,000 for £6.00 per year

What's not covered?

  • Using your bicycle for commuting to and from a place of work, unless you have paid the additional premium for Cimmuting Use cover
  • Theft or damage to accessories or removable parts, unless your bicycle is damaged or stolen at the same time
  • Theft where you haven’t met the security requirements
  • Insured items for which you cannot provide evidence of ownership
  • Claims where the bicycle has been abandoned
  • Any claims whilst using your bicycle for organised events such as road cycle races and time trials unless Cycle Event cover has been purchased
  • Claims for tyres or inner tubes unless the bicycle suffers accidental or malicious damage at the same time
  • Damage that does not impair the function or performance of your bicycle
  • Personal accident cover for anyone under 16 or over 69
  • Public liability cover for anyone under 16 or over 84


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If you want to speak to a member of the Eversure team, you have to fill out a contact form on their website. They aim to respond to all queries within two working days.

Alternatively, you can write to Eversure at:

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