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Yellow Jersey Cycle Insurance Logo

Yellow Jersey was founded by three brothers, Ryan, Grant and Scott who have now been successfully running the business for over 15 years. As active members of the cycling and triathlon community, they were constantly asked what the best cycling insurance was. They knew that the level of cover offered with home insurance policies simply wasn't adequate enough but they also weren't confident recommending other specialist bicycle insurers to friends who owned multiple bikes, competed in races, or took their bikes abroad. They knew things could be better, so in 2014, Yellow Jersey was born. With a passion for two wheels, it's their vision to give their customers more time to ride. They do this by making insurance as easy and stress-free as possible.


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Quotes our team received

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Bicycle insurance only based on a £1,000 road bike.

Bicycle only


Personal accident cover


Public liability cover


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Bicycle and cyclist insurance based on a £1,000 road bike.

Bicycle & cyclist


per year

Personal accident cover


Public liability cover


Compare Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance policies

Yellow Jersey offers three different levels of cover so that you can select a policy that best suits your personal needs:

Benefit Essentials Performance Ultimate
Accidental damage & theft Included Included Included
Public liability £2 million £2 million £2 million
New for old cover Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cover in Europe Not included 30 days 120 days
Cover worldwide Not included Not included 120 days
Cover in transit Not included Included Included
Sportives/charity events Not included Included Included
Racing Not included Not included Included
Race fee cover Not included Not included £500
Emergency bike hire Not included Not included £500
Theft from vehicle Not included Included Included
Accessory cover £250 £250 £250
Helmet & clothing Optional Optional Optional
Additional wheelsets Not included Optional Optional
Physio cover £250 £500 £750
Dental cover £250 £500 £750
Permanent injury £10,000 £15,000 £25,000

Key features of Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance polcies

Bicycle experts

Yellow Jersey claims are handled in-house by a dedicated team of cycling experts, recruited out of local bike shops. Yellow Jersey understand that stress-free and easy claims are the benchmark of high-quality insurance policies.


All Yellow Jersey customers receive a free DNA+ bicycle security marking kit worth £36. The forensic marking kit will prove that your bike is stolen property if taken by a thief and also acts as a strong deterrent.

Claims & renewal

With a Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance policy, you won’t be charged more at renewal even if you’ve had to make a claim. In fact, Yellow Jersey actually reward all of their customers with a 25% discount at renewal.

Home & away

You’ll be covered no matter where your bike is stolen from, even if it was stolen when you lent it to a family member who lives with you.


Yellow Jersey offers its customers a 60% multi-bike discount on all additional pedal cycles.

Handle the vandals

Yellow Jersey will make sure everything is up to scratch if your bicycle is damaged through vandalism.

Medical cover

All of Yellow Jersey’s bicycle insurance policies cover you for physio up to £750, dental treatment up to £750 and permanent injury up to £25,000.

Crash damage

You’re covered for crash damage while racing on the Ultimate tier, sportives and charity rides on the Performance tier and day to day riding on the Essentials tier.

Zero depreciation

They don’t depreciate bicycles after any period of time. The price you paid for your bike is the price you’ll be insured for. They’ll either replace your bike with a new version or pay the full repair costs.


Contact Yellow Jersey

You can call Yellow Jersey on 0333 003 0046 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm or send them an email using the contact form on their website.

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