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The Insurance Emporium Reviews - Bicycle Insurance

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About The Insurance Emporium

The Insurance Emporium understands that not all cyclists need the same level of cover, that’s why they offer a ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ style policy that’s chosen by you, especially for you. All of their policies begin with one Standard Benefit and then you have the ability to choose Optional Benefits that best suit your personal biking needs.

What does The Insurance Emporium bicycle cover include?

All of The Insurance Emporium’s bicycle insurance policies include cover for loss, theft or accidental damage. Any additional cover is chosen by you, so you can design a policy that’s perfectly tailored to your individual wants and needs. Optional cover includes:

  • New for Old cover up to 4 years or for life
  • Unattended vehicle cover
  • Bicycle technology cover
  • Bicycle trailer cover
  • Replacement hire up to £500
  • Family member cover
  • Public liability cover up to £5 million
  • Dental treatment cover up to £500 per incident
  • Competitive use cover
  • Territorial cover in the UK, EU or worldwide
  • Bicycle accessory cover
  • Cycling clothing cover
  • Emergency recovery cover up to £500
  • Gadgets and mobile phone cover
  • Personal accident cover up to £50,000
  • Legal helpline

Contact The Insurance Emporium

For quotations and sales, you can reach The Insurance Emporium on 03300 244 005.
For existing customer queries, call 03300 244 007.
Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 8:30pm, Saturday 8:30am – 5pm and Sunday 9am – 4pm.

For claims, call 03300 244 006.
Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 7pm and Saturday 9am – 12pm.

Alternatively, you can fill out a contact form on their site or write to:

The Insurance Emporium
Thorpe Underwood Hall

YO26 9SS


Frequently asked questions

How many bicycles can I insure on one policy?

The Insurance Emporium gives you the option to cover up to 3 bicycles on the same policy.

How much can I insure my bicycle for?

The maximum sum insured is £5,000 per bicycle.

Does The Insurance Emporium insure electric bikes?

Yes. Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles (EAPC) are covered by The Insurance Emporium but the output must not excess 250w/15.5mph.