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All customers have access to Vitality Select, which gives discounts and rewards from brands like Garmin, Nike and Virgin Active.





over all i have to say when all things are considered that my experience has been largely positive, that isnt to suggest i wouldnt consider changing provider should the right price be offered. but yes cosidering customer service i would recommend


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Vitality offers a healthy living approach to their life insurance offering. By offering health incentive benefits, Vitality rewards those with a healthy outlook and life.

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Decreasing term cover quote for £150,000

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Includes £37,500 critical illness cover

With critical illness cover


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Maximum cover limit


Benefits of Vitality Life Insurance

  • 5 Star Defaqto rating
  • Vitality paid out 99.8% of all life cover claims in 2018
  • Cover for over 50s available
  • Access to ‘Vitality Magazine’
  • Take advantage of Active Rewards such as gym discounts and cinema tickets
Compare life insurance providers to see how Vitality’s life insurance performs against their competitors.

What life insurance policies does Vitality offer?

Vitality offers both term life insurance (decreasing term and level term) as well as whole of life insurance. Term life insurance is the cheaper of the two and Vitality offer cover between 5 and 70 years. If you die during the policy term, your loved ones will receive a lump sum. Whole of life insurance policies last your entire life so your family is guaranteed a payout. The policy ends when you pass away. 

Why choose Vitality’s term life insurance? 

  • Affordable cover – get up to 30% off your first year’s premiums when you add Optimiser to your plan. 
  • Trust – Vitality is a brand you can trust and last year they paid out 99.5% of life insurance claims.
  • Rewards – get access to Vitality partner discounts and rewards. 
  • Free cover before approval – while your application is being assessed, Vitality will give you free cover. Available when you take out the comprehensive option. 

Why choose Vitality’s whole of life insurance?

  • Peace of mind in knowing that your loved ones will get a guaranteed payout when you die.
  • Your plan’s cash value can be a source of tax-free funds during your lifetime.
  • Help your family from overpaying on inheritance tax.
Vitality offers three different whole of life insurance policies: 
  • Traditional whole of life insurance – gives you a basic annual premium which you can choose to keep the same over time.
  • Whole of life insurance with Premium Step – get an upfront discount of up to 40%. Certainty for your future premiums with an annual 2.5% fixed premium change.
  • LifestyleCare Cover – cover you can use early if you look after yourself due to illness like dementia. 

Vitality life insurance rewards

Vitality rewards its customers for living a healthier lifestyle with an extensive range of discounts and savings. The savings you get access to will depend on how much you pay monthly for your plan. If you have a Vitality life plan, Vitality Select is automatically included in your plan.  This gives you access to a number of reward partners including Champneys, Runners Need, Garmin and Bluecrest. If you choose Optimiser and pay more than £45 a month for a single plan, or more than £60 a month for a joint plan, you’ll get access to Vitality Plus at an additional monthly fee of £4,75 per person.  This gives you access to Vitality’s full range of reward partners including Waitrose, ODEON, Vue, Virgin Active and Amazon Prime.

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