Lord Alan Sugar Tweets Travel Insurance Warning

Picture this, you’re about to book a holiday so you’re taking some time to carefully research the area and read reviews about the best hotels to stay at and the nicest eateries. Like a lot of people, you wouldn’t just pick the cheapest places you can find and hope for the best because you’ll more than likely be compromising on quality, right? Now ask yourself why you buy travel insurance exactly this way. Travel insurance should be your number one priority when going abroad, it’s your safety net and is far more important than the hotel you stay at or the restaurants you eat at, so why do you quickly jump on a comparison site just weeks before you travel and purchase the cheapest policy you can find?

Time and time again we are reminded of stories where people have bought inadequate cover and been left picking up the pieces. Just this weekend Lord Alan Sugar jumped on Twitter to warn people not to use EHIC Expand or Travel Insurance Claims Service after his sister suffered an unfortunate accident on holiday, resulting in a broken hip. Lord Sugar paid for the hospital and surgery but his grandson stayed abroad for an extra week to look after her and the insurance still won’t pay out for this “genuine” claim a year on.

A quick Google of EHIC Expand would show you that this company doesn’t appear on any well-known review sites, which left us questioning why someone would take out an insurance policy with them. However, after getting a quote from them, it started to make sense. For seven nights in Spain with no medical conditions, you’re looking at £6.49 and annual travel insurance is just as cheap at £18.59 for the year. This seems to be a classic case of buying a travel insurance policy based on the price and not taking the necessary time to carefully research the company first. Cheap travel insurance policies are cheap for a reason, normally because they provide you with far less cover than you actually need if something were to go wrong. More often than not, policyholders will only realise that their policy is inadequate when their claim gets rejected.

Lord Sugar is warning others not to take out travel insurance from EHIC Expand

All too often people buy travel insurance with little or no thought at all, opting for the cheapest policy or just going with the first they find. As was the case with Mrs Curtis from Kent who told us that she bought travel insurance from Puffin Insurance, the first company she came across after a quick Google search. During her holiday to Spain in March, she was travelling from her hotel in Mijas to Granada to stay with her friends ahead of her birthday. On the way, they stopped off at Dolphin Park and whilst in the park, their rental car was broken into. All of their luggage was stolen from the boot which included their clothes, an iPad, a laptop, a Kindle, money and even their passports. Despite the car being locked and in a secure car park with CCTV, TIF Group (the company that assist Puffin Insurance claims) have deemed this an unsafe place to keep belongings and are refusing to payout for any of the electrical items, their money or their emergency passports. However, they’re now considering compensating her for her stolen clothes and shoes, leaving Mrs Curstis even more bewildered as she can’t understand why they’re picking and choosing which items to payout for.

It’s clear to see that some policies just aren’t worth the paper they’re written on which highlights the importance of buying exceptional cover from an insurance provider that you can rely on. That’s why we exist. Compare by Review is here to challenge traditional comparison sites that encourage you to pick the cheapest policy on offer. We’re all guilty of doing it but once you’ve been let down by buying insurance this way once, you won’t do it again in a hurry. And we can’t stress enough how essential it is to thoroughly read through a policy before you buy it to check that you have adequate cover.

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