Child Health Insurance

What is private health insurance for children?

Children’s health insurance covers the cost of private healthcare for your child or children. It doesn’t replace NHS care, but it can offer you some benefits over the NHS and it gives you access to private medical care if your child should need it.

What does private healthcare for children cover?

Generally, private healthcare for children covers your child for acute health conditions, such as cancer treatment or pneumonia. It can also include quicker diagnosis of conditions and access to new treatments that aren’t currently available on the NHS.

There are three levels of private health insurance for children. Most providers offer the following levels of cover:

  • Basic – basic private health insurance covers the cost of inpatient treatment and any associated costs when your child is admitted to hospital.
  • Medium – includes the same as basic private health insurance plus some outpatient treatment as well, including the cost of seeing specialists and consultants and the cost of follow up tests.
  • Comprehensive – covers all of the above plus physiotherapy and mental health treatment.

You can also add on extra benefits if they aren’t already included, such as:

  • Eye care – the NHS cover children for eye care at a basic level
  • Dental care – most dental treatment costs for children are covered by the NHS
  • Homoeopathy
  • Mental health support
  • Physiotherapy

How much does children’s private health insurance cost?

The cost of private medical insurance for children is dependant on many factors including your child’s age, where you live and what level of cover you take out. Private health insurance is typically cheaper the younger you are but premiums are often higher if you live in the North West of England, South East of England or London.

What are the pros and cons of children’s health insurance?


  • Quicker access to healthcare for your child
  • Access to treatments and tests that aren’t currently available on the NHS
  • Access to private hospitals with better amenities
  • Support and accommodation for family members


  • Premiums can be expensive
  • Not all conditions are covered
  • Your monthly premium cost is affected by where you live, so the price might go up if you move house

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