Accidental Damage Insurance

What is accidental damage insurance?

Accidents happen so it’s best to insure yourself and your belongings against repair and replacement costs. Usually, insurance for accidental damage is included in your home insurance policy. It covers you for unintentional and one-off events such as flood damage or a broken window.

If accidental damage home insurance isn’t included in your policy you might want to think about taking it out separately to save on any future repair and replacement costs. The cover can be specific to building and/or contents so it’s worth looking at both options.

What types of accidental damage insurance can I get?

There are two different types of accidental damage insurance; accidental damage contents insurance and accidental damage buildings insurance. As the name suggests, accidental damage contents insurance covers the items in your home, whereas accidental damage buildings insurance covers any damage to the building itself.

When it comes to accidental damage contents insurance, if you have a new for old policy, you’ll be given the same replacement item, money or vouchers for any item that’s destroyed by an insured event. However, if you’ve damaged items such as your bedding, curtains or clothing, your insurer may make a deduction due to wear and tear. Many insurance providers will take into account the age of the item and make a percentage deduction from the settlement amount offered.

If you have a matching set, such as sofas or kitchen cupboards and one item gets damaged, you will normally only be covered for the damaged item. However, it is possible to get a ‘matching sets’ policy that allows you to claim for the entire set to be replaced.

What is covered by accidental damage insurance?

Whether you already have the cover included in your home contents and buildings policy, or you take it out as an extra, the best accidental damage insurance policies will cover you for:


  • Cracked wall or floor tiles
  • Broken glass windows
  • Damage to bathrooms fittings such as basins and toilets
  • Damaged drains and pipes
  • Damaged walls
  • Damage by fire or floor
  • Structural damage due to fallen tree, car collision etc
  • Damaged kitchen units including damage to built-in appliances and white goods


  • TV that has broken
  • Damage to a computer or laptop
  • Damage to your mobile or smart device (at home)
  • Accidental spillage of red wine
  • Damage to furniture such as sofas and dining tables.

What’s excluded from accidental damage insurance?

Generally, your accidental damage home insurance won’t cover you for animal-related accidents. If your pet chews, scratches or tears your items, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make a claim. Many insurance providers also won’t cover damage that’s caused by insects, vermin or infestation. You should also be aware that if you have any work done on your house and it goes horribly wrong, you may not be able to make a claim if the work was completed by an amateur. However, common accidents are covered so if you’ve burst a water pipe with an ill-placed nail, you’ll be able to claim whether you’re an amateur or skilled professional.

When you take out accidental damage cover, make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered if you need to make a claim.

Accidental damage insurance

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