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Absolutely horrid customer service

Absolutely horrid customer service, don't help and constantly closing complaints saying it's resolved when hasn't been. Will not answer my questions, just ignore them with sorry no explanation. It's been 4 weeks and still trying to get answers, just brushed off constantly, when you call they tell you to wait for email reply which you either don't get or if you do its weeks later with resolved sorry. NOT RESOLVED, TREATED DISGUSTINGLY, IGNORED, MIGHT AS WELL JUST PUSH ME UNDER A BUS WASTE OF TIME AVOID AVOID AVOID. Close your account without warning without actually good reason, it took them 3 weeks actually tell me they closed my account, closed my partner's as well for no reason at all and when I tried to speak to prove with screenshots that they closed my account and partner's for no reason, they just say sorry or try to tell me my complaint is resolved, far from it, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a robot no actual humans how poor the customer service is, can not answer any my actual questions, made my life such HARD work and actually lost money now 😡😡😡😡😡

I would not recommend

Keeley Berry

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No comment has been added from Monese.

Reply from Compare by Review

Thanks for leaving a review Keeley. Sorry to hear you didn’t receive the service you expected from Monese. We hope that your situation can be resolved and that Monese gives you some clarification as to why they closed your accounts.

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Benefits of Monese

  • Rated 4.3/5 via Trustpilot. 
  • Real-time notifications for added peace of mind
  • Pay with your phone via Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Simple current account is completely free
  • Integrated with Avios and other multi currency accounts
  • Send and receive payments instantly between Monese accounts
  • The app can be used in 14 languages
  • Freeze your card instantly

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About Monese

Launched in 2015, Monese was the first 100% mobile current account in the UK. You have the ability to open a UK current account from anywhere in Europe through an iOS and Android smartphone application. Monese allows you to categorise your spending patterns so you can keep track and budget for what you need. Although Monese is an app-based bank, you can top up your account via the Post office and Paypoint locations across the UK.

Frequently asked questions

How do I open an account?

To open an account you need to download the free Monese app via your smartphone. You then need to fill in the necessary details. The whole process will take just a few minutes and is clear and easy to navigate. You need to have some photo ID to hand to take a photo of and be ready to record a quick video of yourself for authentication.

How can I contact Monese directly?

There are a few options ranging from in-app automated chat, email and by phone. The in-app chat is the fastest way to get information, but if you have a specific question about your account you can leave a message or request a callback.

Is my money covered?

Monese states that 100% of their customers’ funds are protected and are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Their accounts are not protected by the Financial Conduct Authority Scheme (FSCS).