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Santander Everyday Current Account

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Earn up to 15% cashback with Retailer Offers when your spend with your Santander debit card at a range of major retailers.

Yolanda Davis



Making Banking Easy

I opened a simple current account to pay my bills or buy online purchases. If you can't get to the bank during opening hours, Santander ATMs have an option to deposit money as well, and it's available in the account straight away. The app and online banking is easy to use and safe. I would definitely recommend Santander.

Pleased to hear that banking with Santander is easy. Thanks for leaving a review, Yolanda.


Alex Brownlee



Great Cashback Offers

Santander offers great cashback on bills, has good customer service and also offers regular cashback deals on purchases such as restaurants, shops, etc

Great to know that your Santander current accounts come with extra benefits.


Nadia Josephine



Nadia Josephine

I was really impressed at the speed of the response to my query and was helped very quickly to change my account and save money by getting a better deal.
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Benefits of Santander Current Accounts

Santander’s Everyday Current Account offers simple and straightforward banking with no monthly fee. Benefits include:

  • Free everyday banking – no fees for maintaining your account
  • Get up to 15% cashback – earn money back when you spend with Retailer Offers
  • Switching incentive – with the current account switch service, you can switch to Santander in just seven days
  • Arranged Overdraft facility – add an arranged overdraft to your account if you’re eligible
  • Online and Mobile Banking – get text and email alerts to stay on top of your finances
Compare current accounts providers to see how Santander’s current accounts performs against their competitors.

What other current accounts do they offer?

Besides their Everyday Current Account, Santander offers a selection of other current accounts that suit your personal needs better.

1|2|3 Current Account

There’s a £5 monthly fee to maintain this account, but you’ll benefit from cashback on your household bills and gain interest on your balance.

  • £5 monthly fee to maintain the account
  • You must pay in at least £500 each month and have at least 2 active Direct Debits
  • Monthly interest of 0.60% AER/gross (variable) on balances up to £20,000
  • Up to 3% cashback on selected household bills, limited to £5 in each cashback tier each month

1|2|3 Lite Current Account

There’s a £1 monthly fee for maintaining this account, but you’ll benefit from cashback on your household bills.

  • £1 monthly fee to maintain the account
  • You must pay in at least £500 each month, have at least 2 active Direct Debits and log on to Mobile or Online Banking at least once every 3 months
  • Up to 3% cashback on selected household bills, limited to £5 in each cashback tier each month
  • No interest is paid on your balance

Select Current Account

Comes with all the features of the 1|2|3 Current Account, but you receive a more personal banking service.

  • £5 monthly fee to maintain the account
  • Pay in at least £5,000 a month into the Select Current Account OR keep £75,000 in any Santander investment(s), savings or current accounts
  • With 24/7 telephone support team, a Relationship Manager and support when you’re abroad

Choice Current Account

A current account with a cap on overdraft charges

  • No more than £20 in monthly arranged overdraft interest charges
  • No interest is paid on your balance
  • £10 monthly fee to maintain the account

1|2|3 Student Current Account

An account tailored to students over 18.

  • No monthly fee to maintain the account
  • Monthly interest of 1% AER/gross (variable) on balances up to £2,000
  • Free railcard
  • Interest-free and fee-free arranged overdraft
  • Pay in at least £500 per academic term

1|2|3 Mini Current Account

This account promotes money management for children evolving with them into their teen years.

  • No monthly fee to maintain the account
  • Monthly interest of 3% AER/gross (variable) on balances from £1,500 up to a maximum of £2,000
  • Choice of Santander Debit Card or cash card

Essentials Current Account

The perfect account for new to UK students and workers who want to get started with UK banking.

  • £1 monthly fee to maintain the account
  • No interest pad on your balance
  • Comes with a contactless Santander Debit Card
  • May let you access further banking facilities with Santander in the future

Basic Current Account

This account might be offered to you if you’ve been rejected from one of Santander’s other current accounts, are going through financial difficulty or have faced bankruptcy. There’s no monthly fee and it comes with a non-contactless card to help you have more control over your spending.

Can I have more than one Santander current account?

Yes. If you have your eye on more than one of their current accounts, good news is you can have as many as you like! Just be sure to check out what else is on the market too from competitors.


How do I open a current account with Santander?

You can open an account either online or by visiting your local branch. If you choose to open an account online, your account could be opened in just ten minutes. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Your personal details and address history
  • How much you expect to pay in each month
  • Date you started your job
  • Information about your income
  • Your employment status
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of address


What overdraft options do they offer?

Santander offers both arranged overdrafts and unarranged overdrafts. You can ask for an arranged overdraft either when you’re opening your account or at a later date. You can use their eligibility checker to see if you’d be approved for an arranged overdraft.

If you try to make a payment but don’t have sufficient funds or an arranged overdraft, Santander will make a choice of whether to allow or reject the payment based on your individual circumstances. If they accept the payment, an unarranged overdraft will occur. You won’t be charged a fee if they allow or refuse your payment due to lack of funds.


How much does an overdraft cost?

Representative example
A variable representative rate of 39.94% APR
A variable interest rate of 39.94% EAR
Based on borrowing £1,200

Does RBS have a mobile app?

Yes. Santander’s mobile app gives you the flexibility to manage your finances wherever you are. Features of Santander’s app include but are not limited to:

  • Login securely using Touch ID, Face ID or Fingerprint ID
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card if it’s lost or stolen
  • View your card PIN
  • Enable ‘Quick Balance’ to view your balance without logging in
  • Share your ‘payment success’ screen with people you’ve sent money to
  • View or cancel direct debits
  • Chat to Santander customer service if you have any issues
  • Use the app to authorise transactions made online and consent with third-party providers