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Buildings insurance for flats

Buildings insurance for flats isn't that different from buildings insurance for a house. It will cover your flat structure and all areas owned by you. Your insurer will ask you similar questions about the structure of your home and ask you to confirm that you have a separate lockable door. 

The biggest difference between the two is when you think about shared areas in the block such as hallways and stairwells. Usually, these areas are the responsibility of the building owner or the freeholder. 

Contents insurance for flats

Contents insurance for flats works the same as contents insurance for houses. It covers all personal possessions that you can pick up and take away and excludes all fixtures, such as bathrooms and kitchen fittings and the structure of your home. It’s key to take stock of your contents and work out the value of all your items. Our contents insurance guide is full of information and tips when taking out a new policy. 

What to do if you own all/part of the buildings freehold

If you and others jointly own the freehold to a building containing flats, it’s advisable to get an insurance policy that can cover two or more properties within one building. In short, you should insure everything that is your legal responsibility. Even with a leasehold agreement, you’re likely to be responsible for you areas of the building such as bathrooms and kitchens however these will come under your building insurance. 

What to do if someone else owns your building freehold

If you own a flat within a building that’s owned by an individual or company, they will usually take responsibility for all shared areas including the roof. However, in some instances, a contract may state that you’re responsible for a proportion of the repair costs to the roof if it’s damaged. This principle can also apply to shared drains which service multiple properties as there’s a shared system across multiple properties.

What to do if you flatshare

If you share a flat with friends it’s up to each individual to have their own contents insurance. If you have jointly owned items such as furniture or a TV, you can add your flatmate as a joint policyholder. This could be the best option for you if your living with your partner and share belongings.