Multi-pet Insurance

What is multi-pet insurance?

Multi-pet insurance policies allow you to insure more than
one pet under the same policy. Many providers will provide
you with a discount for insuring multiple pets with them so
it can work out slightly cheaper than having multiple policies
with the same provider. Multi-pet insurance policies are also
easier to manage because you only have one policy to deal with,
so all of the information you’ll need to make a claim can be
found in the same place.

How does multi-pet insurance work?

Pet insurance for multiple pets works exactly the same as standard pet insurance. Your pets will all be insured under one policy, but each pet will have a separate claim limit. So, if you have £8,000 vet fees cover each year, you’ll be able to claim up to £8,000 per pet, per year.

The main difference between standard pet insurance and multi-pet insurance is that most insurers offer a discount for insuring more than one pet with them, so it might work out cheaper for you. However, you should still shop around and compare quotes because you might be able to get more cover for your money even if you opt for a provider that doesn’t offer a multi-pet discount.

What discount can I get with a multi-pet insurance policy?

There are two ways that pet insurance providers will offer a multi-pet discount. They’ll either give you a percentage discount for each additional pet you add to the policy after the first, normally around 10%. Or some providers will provide you with a fixed discount, for example, £12 off the policy price per pet, per year.

If you want to make the most of the multi-pet discount, make sure you insure the pet that will cost the least to insure first so that the discount applies to the pets that will be more expensive to insure, for example older pets or pedigree pets.

Is multi-pet insurance for dogs and cats only?

Whilst multi-cat insurance and multi-dog insurance policies are most common, some providers will also allow you to add rabbits onto your policy. Many pet insurance providers allow you to cover between six to ten pets under one multi-pet insurance policy but this will vary.

Does multi-pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Most pet insurance providers exclude pre-existing conditions from cover, this applies to multi-pet insurance policies too. However, you might be able to purchase a specialist pre-existing condition policy if your pet suffers from an ongoing condition but it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to combine a specialist policy with a multi-pet policy. So if you have one pet that suffers from a pre-existing condition and a healthy pet, you’ll have to take out two separate policies, although it is worth discussing this with the insurer.

Compare multi-pet insurance

Most people compare insurance on price and whilst price is important to consider, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. As well as price, you should base your multi-pet insurance comparison on product quality and customer experience. If you choose the cheapest policy on the market without considering levels of cover, you could be underinsuring your pet, which is a costly mistake to make. We also encourage you to take a look at pet insurance reviews before you purchase a policy so you can get an understanding of how insurers have treated past and existing customers. The last thing you want to do is purchase an inadequate policy from a provider that has poor customer service. Take a look at the providers on our pet insurance comparison table to read their reviews.