Accident Only Policy

Compare Accident Only Pet Insurance

With over 40% of UK homes owning pets in 2017, it’s clear a house isn’t a home without one. If your paw-fect pooch or mischievous moggy is one of the 3.9 million pets with pet insurance, then you could be covered for veterinary treatment, however costly it may be. But if your furry friend is one of the UK’s 70% of uninsured pets, your wallet may be in for a nasty shock should the worst happen.

What Is Accident Only Pet Insurance?

Accident only policies cover the cost of treatment for your pet if it’s been involved in an accident. Fixing your pets broken leg can cost thousands of pounds, depending on where you live, so pet insurance could be the best solution.

 What Should I Consider?

Different insurance providers will include different exclusions and cover in their policies, even if they share the same name. If you decide to go for an accident only policy, always remember to read the small print and consider these things:

  • Time Limit – accident only policies tend to last 12 months. Once the time limit has been reached, your pet is unlikely to be covered.
  • Cost Limitmost policies will have a cap on how much you can claim for each accident. Once this limit has been reached, you will have to pay for the rest yourself.
  • It’s accident only – because the policy is accident only, insurers will not compensate you for the cost of treatment if your pet develops an illness.
Why Compare Policies With Compare By Review?

Finding the right protection plan for you pet can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why Compare By Review analyses thousands of real customer experiences to provide a simple, impartial comparison of pet insurers so you can purchase the right policy that works best for you.