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Starling Bank Current Account

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When travelling abroad, Starling Bank customers' get Mastercard's globally accepted exchange rate, with no added fees on top.

Tom Cole



Simple And Efficient

Great review from a user switching from a High Street bank to an app-based bank. It seems that the App is living up to its billing and helping people manage money better. Thanks for the review Tom


Michael Jessop



The Best App Ever !

Honestly! The best app ever for bank-related tasks! It makes it so easy for payments and transactions to new payees and the options for savings and overdrafts are huge advantages! Also, customer service is on point.

Great to hear that Starling Bank's customer services team is efficient and that you're enjoying the features they offer Michael.


Marco De Caires E freitas



Simple And Efficient

Using Starling Bank has been the best. Since I moved countries it was a struggle for me to consider a bank which would have my financial interest as their top priority. Coming from a country where you could not trust a place such as a bank I was hesitant to open an account. But with a few easy and guided steps, I got my account set up in minutes. I received my card 3 days before the due date so I was extremely happy. Since then saving and spending has been a breeze to check upon. Sending money via the app is the easiest thing ever. AND the absolute best was when I went on holiday abroad I could use my starling card WITHOUT any charges. It was fantastic. I recommend Starling to everybody.

Thanks for leaving a review, Marco. It's wonderful to hear that you've had such a positive experience with Starling so far.

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Starling Bank Logo

Founded in 2014, Starling bank is an app-based bank that focuses on personal and business accounts. They do not have retail high street outlets as they are web-based. All account management is through their mobile application available on android and IOS. Starling keeps track of how their users spend and breaks it down into categories such as ‘Food and Drink’ and ‘Amazon’ etc. Their users also have the ability to set up a Euro account for use on holiday or living abroad with conversations done at the current rate with only a 0.4% fee. Another feature of Starling, that isn't offered with high street banks is the options to section savings on categories as well. Starling also offers joint accounts for flexibility which are able to open through their app.

Benefits of Starling Bank App-Based Bank

  • Instant notifications when you spend or get paid
  • Insights available to reveal your spending habits
  • No fees overseas when you use your card to make payments or use an ATM
  • 24/7 support via online chat
  • Save easily by using Starling ‘Goals’
  • Round-up your spending to the nearest pound and save the change
  • Easy cheque deposits via their freeport post system
  • Business and personal banking options available
  • Teen accounts available
  • Current account is completely free
  • Pay with your phone via Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Freeze your card instantly
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