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If you think a cruise is simply weeks of lying on a sun lounger in the middle of the ocean, guess again! These days, cruises include a wide of range of activities, such as excursions to ports, shopping malls, restaurants, swimming pools, cinemas, and libraries, as well as a variety of historical trips.

For many people, this is the holiday of a lifetime, which is why even the smallest thing going wrong could have a massive effect on your trip. That’s why it’s always important to invest in travel insurance and make sure you get the right policy that suits your holiday.

What Does Cruise Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel Insurance covers you for medical treatment when you are abroad, and to be transported home in an emergency. Buying travel insurance means you want protection against the unexpected things that could go wrong. However, some basic policies do not cover cruises as they will need additional cover for the following:

  • Missed Port Cover this protects you if a planned destination visit is cancelled because of bad weather or timetabling. Should you miss out on visiting an island or city you were looking forward to, you will get some money back.
  • Cabin Confinement Cover – You can claim payment if the ships medical officer has ordered you to stay in your cabin due to ill health.
  • Unused Excursions Protection – If you miss an excursion because of an accident, injury or illness, your policy should pay out. This may only apply to excursions you choose at the point of booking your cruise, not ones you have booked since being on board.
  • Emergency Airlift – If you suffer a medical emergency and need to be urgently taken to hospital, cruise insurance will allow for the costs of emergency helicopter transfers.
Where Are You Travelling To?

When buying travel insurance, you will need to check if your policy covers you for just Europe, the USA or Caribbean, or if you need worldwide travel insurance. You will need to name the countries as part of the quote journey, so make sure you have your cruise itinerary handy.

Health Conditions & Travel Insurance

When purchasing a travel insurance policy, you will be asked a few questions about your health and the names of any medical conditions you currently have or have previously suffered.

In the eyes of a provider, a previous or ongoing medical condition means you’re more likely to make a claim when abroad. Depending on your condition, your travel insurance may be more expensive as a health condition means you are more likely to need medical help while you are away. But this isn’t always the case with all conditions. Always remember to be honest with your provider and list any medical issues you currently have or have previously suffered. Failure to do so could mean being charged more by your provider or not being covered when you need it most.

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