Single Trip Travel Insurance

What is single trip travel insurance?

As you might expect, single trip travel insurance covers you for a one-off trip that lasts a month or less. If you are a frequent flyer and go abroad twice or more a year, it may be slightly cheaper for you to buy an annual travel insurance policy.

What does single trip travel insurance cover?

The exact level of cover will vary depending on the type of policy you take out but the best single trip travel insurance policies will include:

  • Medical conditions including repatriation costs – generally cover will be included for any medical treatment you need when you’re abroad, however, if you’ve declared any pre-existing medical conditions, it’s likely that treatment for that particular condition won’t be included
  • Trip cancellation – if you need to cancel your trip due to an illness or because your travel company has gone bust, you’ll be able to claim on your single trip travel insurance. Cancellation cover applies from the minute you buy your policy until the end of your holiday
  • Delayed flights – you’re covered if your flights delayed in certain circumstances
  • Lost luggage and personal belongings – your personal belongings such as phones, cameras, luggage and cash are insured if they’re lost or stolen, however, you need to ensure your policy covers the cost of your valuable items
  • Legal costs – including cover for accidents that weren’t your fault and accidents that were your fault
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What’s not covered on your single trip holiday insurance?

Common exclusions of single trip travel insurance include:

  • Winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, however, you can get additional winter sports cover at an extra cost for if necessary
  • Taking part in high-risk activities such as sky-diving, bungee jumping and scuba diving. Again, if you plan on doing any activities that are considered high-risk, simply let your insurer know and you’ll be able to get cover at an additional cost
  • Behaving recklessly or illegally
  • Accidents that occur when you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Intentionally causing harm to yourself or someone else

What are the pros and cons of single trip travel insurance?


  • Covers the exact number of days you’re away for
  • Cover for your trip begins when you buy a policy
  • Higher or no age limits compared to annual travel insurance
  • More cost-effective than annual travel insurance if you’re only going away once


  • Most policies limit the length of time you’re covered for
  • You might not be covered if you’re visiting several locations on one trip

What other types of travel insurance can I get?

The type of cover you need depends on where you’re travelling to, why you’re travelling and who you’re travelling with. Other types of travel insurance include:

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