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Metro Bank Current Account

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When you're in Europe, Metro Bank won't charge you for debit card payments or cash withdrawals in a foreign currency.

Roy Ingleby



Metro Waste Of Time

Constantly on phone trying to withdraw my funds after 1 year bond. Continue to be passed to the fraud department but no one's available but they could put restrictions on my account. I hope they are FSCS protected as think they are not going to return my investment.

Roy Ingleby



Worst Bank Ever

Despite 4 p/calls to a premium number (at least 45 mins each call) I am still no further forwarded to getting my money from Metro. I lodged a complaint which wasn't upheld and I am not allowed to lodge another one as they have already replied to me. They have told me that they believed there was fraudulent activity on my account - that would be me trying to get my money out!!!. However, they continue to refuse to return my money to me despite the fact that my fixed-term savings plan finished 4 weeks ago.




Had A Fraudulent Transaction On This Account!

I've had a fraudulent transaction on my bank card last Friday! I rang up and raised it with the fraud team. They said they don't work weekends which has delayed things and they didn't seem to be able to give any clarity as to whether I'm likely to be refunded or not! They seemed very hesitant! This was a fraudulent transaction! It has nothing to do with me. The other bank I am with - Nationwide, when I once had a fraudulent transaction on that account, they refunded me within 24 hours.

Benefits of Metro Bank Current Accounts

Metro Bank's Current Account has everything you need for day-to-day banking for no monthly fee. Benefits include:

  • Contactless debit card
  • Text alerts to keep up to date with your finances
  • Free transactions in Europe
  • Use your card abroad
  • Set up Faster Payments and Standing Orders
  • Set up Direct Debits
  • Send money outside the UK with SWIFT/SEPA
  • Apply for an arranged overdraft
  • Access to mobile banking
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What other current accounts do they offer?

Metro Bank doesn’t currently offer any other current accounts.


How do I open a Metro Bank current account?

You can either open an account online or by visiting your local Metro Bank branch. Opening a current account online is easy. All you need is photo ID, three years of address history and a selfie. You can start online banking instantly and your card will arrive in days or you can collect it from any store 7 days a week.


What overdraft options do Metro Bank offer?

Metro Bank offers arranged overdrafts on request. This will either be accepted or rejected depending on your personal circumstances. If you need to use your arranged overdraft and exceed your limit, Metro Bank will text you to let you know that you need to top up your account in order to minimise any interest charges.

Like most banks, if you don’t have sufficient funds in your account or an arranged overdraft and a payment is due to come out, Metro Bank will either give or extend an arranged overdraft so you can make the payment, or refuse the payment due to insufficient funds. In any month, you’ll never be charged more than the monthly cap of £60 for charges relating to an unarranged overdraft.

Metro Bank’s arranged and unarranged overdrafts have a typical interest rate of 34% APR (variable).


Does Metro Bank have a mobile app?

Yes, you can manage your Metro Bank account on the go with their mobile banking app. The app allows you to:

  • Move money between your accounts
  • Make payments to over 35 countries
  • Block, unblock or cancel your cards
  • Order a replacement card
  • Create and edit Standing Orders
  • Open Instant Access Savings Accounts
  • View personalised reports to see how you’re spending your money