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In 2019, Zurich paid out 99% of all death claims. And for every life insurance policy bought, they pledge to plant one tree with Tree-Nation.

6.8 /10
Based on 1957 reviews
#9 of 10 life insurers
  • 1957 reviews found on websites such as TrustPilot

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  • Rated 5 stars by Defaqto
  • Maximum cover limit of £40m
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Decreasing term cover quote for £150,000

Life Insurance Quote

Per Month

Minimum Cover Limit


Maximum Cover Limit

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Includes £37,500 critical illness cover

With Critical Illness Cover

Per Month

Minimum Cover Limit


Maximum Cover Limit


What does Zurich life insurance cover?

  • Provides your loved ones with a lump sum if you die or become terminally ill with less than 12 months to live during the policy term. 
  • Cover your mortgage or other financial commitments that you don’t want to leave to your family when you die.
  • Cover your living expenses and other things your loved ones may need assistance with.
  • Flexible cover to suit you and your family’s circumstances.
  • Optional critical illness cover available.   

Why choose Zurich?

  • Affordable life insurance cover from as little as £5 a month.
  • They paid out 98% of death claims and 87% of critical illness claims in 2020.
  • All policyholders get access to Zurich Support Service, provided by one of Zurich’s partners.
  • For every life insurance policy bought, Zurich pledge to plant a tree with Tree-Nation.             

Frequently asked Questions

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Zurich offers Level Term, Decreasing and Whole of Life cover.

You will not need to provide any medical information to buy a life insurance policy from Zurich. However, you will need to answer a few simple health and lifestyle questions before you purchase a policy.

Yes, you have the option to add critical illness cover to your life insurance policy. 

Yes, you can add children's benefit which will provide a lump sum if they should suffer a critical illness. You can also add multi-fracture cover which will provide a lump sum should you suffer from a fracture, dislocation etc.

Yes, Zurich offers both levels of cover. They also offer ‘Separation Benefit’ which is automatically included in a joint policy. If you separate or divorce, you can cancel the policy and start individual policies for either yourself or both of you.

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