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There’s nothing like a few days away on the slopes. Whether you’re bombing down the black runs or taking your first beginner lesson on the board, it’s a must-have holiday thousands enjoy each year.

To get the best from your winter trip, there are a few things you need to make sure you have before you go. The first and ultimate must have on everyone’s list? Travel insurance. Buying travel insurance isn’t the most exciting job in the world, but it’s essential. Ski and Snowboarding travel insurance are forms of travel insurance that are specifically designed to protect you if things go wrong when you’re up in the mountains.

Because skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports are very active, it’s raises the risk of you getting injured. Getting medical treatment abroad can add up to thousands, especially in private medical clinics normally located at ski resorts. So buying a policy doesn’t just offer peace of mind, it protects your wallet from an almighty blow!

Will Location Affect My Insurance?

Yes. While Europe is a popular choice for winter sports because the travel times are shorter, it also means travel insurance is cheaper. Some people think that they don’t need winter sports insurance if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Don’t be fooled. EHIC is no substitute for travel cover and would not cover medical bills or get you home should you suffer a medical emergency. They are also date specific, so always check the expiry date before you travel.

If you prefer the slopes in the USA, Canada or further beyond, you’ll need extra cover due to the costlier medical bills. Always make sure that the country you are travelling to is covered by your travel insurance policy.

Can I Travel With A Pre-Existing Condition?

This will depend on the provider you take out a policy with. From a providers point of view, a health condition means you’re more likely to need medical attention while you’re out on the slopes.

Always make sure to list any medical conditions and give the providers accurate information, if not you might not be covered or face additional charges. If your provider discovers that your medical emergency was linked to a condition or injury you already had, they could refuse to pay your bills or add additional costs.

How Can I Find The Best Travel Insurance Provider?

At Compare By Review, choosing the best travel insurance provider has never been easier. Simply click the button to find our top providers and purchase a policy that’s right for you. We pride ourselves on ranking providers on honest, customer reviews, not on price. That way, you can buy a good quality product that you know will pay out when you need it most.