Cruise Travel Insurance

What is cruise travel insurance? 

Cruise travel insurance is a type of travel insurance that’s designed specifically to cover the activities and risks associated with a cruise holiday. If you’re sailing away on a cruise, it’s important to ensure you have a cruise travel insurance policy in place before you leave. 

What does cruise holiday insurance cover?

Cruise insurance is tailored specifically to the risks associated with this type of holiday. Bear in mind that policies will vary depending on the provider, but the best cruise travel insurance policies include: 

  • Medical treatment – like most travel insurance policies, you’ll be covered for any medical treatment you need

  • Cabin confinement – if you’ve been confined to your cabin by the ship’s medical office due to an illness, you’ll be able to make a claim

  • Missed port cover – if you’re unable to stop at a port due to bad weather or timetabling, you’ll be able to get some money back

  • Unused excursions – if you miss out on an excursion due to an illness or injury, you may be able to claim. However, this usually only applies to excursions you purchased when you booked your cruise, not ones you booked since being on board

  • Emergency airlift – if you’re taken ill and need to be urgently transported to a hospital, you’re covered for the costs of emergency helicopter transfers

  • Lost luggage and personal belongings – your personal belongings such as phones, cameras, luggage and cash are insured if they’re lost or stolen, however, you need to ensure your policy covers the cost of your valuable items

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Things to consider for your cruise insurance


What countries will you be visiting? 

Most cruises involve travelling to various countries so you’ll need to ensure that you’re covered for all the countries you’re visiting. It’s likely that the countries you visit will impact the price of your travel insurance policy. You may find that if you’re travelling to countries like the USA, China or Hong Kong, your cruise travel insurance will cost more due to the high costs of private health care in those countries. 

How much is the daily amount for cabin confinement? 

When comparing policies, consider how much you’ll be able to claim back for cabin confinement. The limit can be as little as £15 a day or as much as £1,000 a day so it’s worth checking and making sure you have a decent amount of cover in place. 

Do you plan on doing any activities or sports? 

Many cruise travel insurance policies exclude cover for extreme sports and activities such as skydiving and rock climbing. If you plan on doing any high-risk activities while you’re on holiday,  you’ll need to ensure that your cruise insurance covers that specific activity. You can take out extra cover for this if necessary. 

How much is the cancellation refund? 

Cancellation payouts can range from £250 to £25,000. Make sure you choose a policy that includes enough cancellation to cover the cost of your cruise. 

What other types of travel insurance can I get?

The type of cover you need depends on where you’re travelling to, why you’re travelling and who you’re travelling with. Other types of travel insurance include:

Compare cruise travel insurance providers

At Compare by Review, we believe that cheap cruise insurance isn’t necessarily the best cruise insurance. If you’re looking to buy travel insurance for a cruise holiday, we recommend that you read as many cruise insurance reviews as possible to get an idea of how different insurers handle claims. You need to make sure you’d be in safe hands if the worst were to happen on your cruise holiday.

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