Single Trip Travel Insurance

Compare Single Trip Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is an essential thing to have when travelling the world, especially when things go wrong and you’re far away from home. Single trip travel insurance is exactly that – an insurance policy that covers one holiday. If you go abroad twice or more each year, it might work out cheaper to buy annual travel insurance. However, if your main holiday is just once a year, single trip insurance will likely be better value for money.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel Insurance provides cover for medical treatment when you are on holiday abroad. It also pays for you to be transported home in an emergency, depending on your policy.

Most policies will cover the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad, such as ambulance fees and hospital bills. If you are unable to return home due to illness or injury, your policy will cover you and a friend or relative to get home once your treatment is complete.

Travel Insurance policies also cover you for loss of baggage and will also refund you, should your trip need to be cancelled or cut short for any reason.

Where Are You Travelling To?

When buying a travel insurance policy, you will need to explain to a provider where you are going and make sure the country you are travelling to is covered. Your provider will not cover you if you are travelling to a country that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) doesn’t consider safe. For more information, check the FCO website.

Many people believe they don’t need travel insurance if they have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The EHIC card allows you to have medical treatment on the same basis as people who live in that country. However, it should never be used as a replacement for travel cover. Not all European countries recognise EHIC and it doesn’t pay for getting you home or any other costs linked to your medical emergency.

It’s also worth noting that some countries outside of the EU, such as the USA, Canada and the Caribbean, will require extra cover for expensive medical bills.

Who’s Going & What’s On The Itinerary?
Single Trip Travel Insurance is perfect for those travelling individually. However, if your travelling as a couple, a family or a group, there are other insurance policies which might serve you better. 

Always make sure to get everyone’s dates of birth and details of any medical conditions they might have for an accurate quote. The activities you’re planning to do on holiday will ultimately determine whether your provider will cover you in the event of an accident. Not all policies will automatically cover extreme sports as they have an increased risk of injury. Always make sure to read the small print of your policy to ensure you’re fully covered.

Health Conditions & Travel Insurance

When purchasing a travel insurance policy, you will be asked a few questions about your health and the names of any medical conditions you currently have or previously suffered. Depending on your condition, your travel insurance may be more expensive as a health condition means you are more likely to need medical help while you are away. But this isn’t always the case with all conditions.

Always remember to list any medical issues and give providers all the information they need. Failure to do so could mean being charged more by your provider or not being covered when you need it most.

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