Holiday let insurance

What is holiday let insurance?

Holiday let insurance is different to insuring your own home. The main difference is that it covers your property even whilst it’s empty in between lets. Standard home insurance policies state the house can’t be left empty for more than 30 days. Another key difference is that holiday let home insurance policies often include public liability cover as standard. This gives you peace of mind if a guest were to hurt or injure themselves due to your property.

What needs to be covered by my holiday let insurance policy?

As with a standard home insurance policy, if the property is mortgaged, your bank will probably need you to have sufficient cover. If you own the property it’s advisable to have cover in case of any emergencies or damage to the structure. As with buildings insurance, you should work out the appropriate re-build cost to make sure you have sufficient cover.

If you leave belongings such as TVs, furniture and kitchen equipment in your holiday let, you should consider taking out a holiday let contents insurance policy. When looking for a holiday let house insurance policy, make sure you tot up the amount it would cost to replace all the items in your home if they were damaged or stolen.

You will also want public liability insurance for your holiday let. Some holiday let property insurance policies will include this as standard but if not, you’ll want to add it as an extra. Public liability insurance for your holiday let protects you against legal costs if someone were to injure themself at your property and take legal action against you.

What do I do if my holiday let is abroad?

If your holiday let is abroad, it’s key to make sure you have the correct and sufficient cover needed for the country and region. You can choose a local insurance company or take out holiday let insurance in the UK from an insurer that specialises in international properties. It’s important to choose a company that provides policy documents and legal information in English rather than their native language. It’s also advisable to find an insurer that has an English speaking call centre if you need advice or need to make a claim.

How does a holiday home differ from a holiday let?

If you have a holiday home you will need a similar policy to holiday let property insurance, especially as the property is likely to be vacated for more than 30 days at a time. A holiday home is a second home that will more likely be treated with the same care and attention as your permanent home. A holiday let can be used a little carelessly, therefore, increasing the need for repairs.

Holiday let insurance

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