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Geoff Sharp



Excellent Insurer

For many years now we have insured with Morethan for our Home & Car cover Today i had the pleasure of speaking to Jason regarding our home cover. He was absolutely excellent to speak to in discussing our Cover & explaining everything in great detail. It was a pleasure talking to him as it always is with the Customer Services Team. I cannot hesitate in recommending this company. Many thanks Geoffrey Sharp

Trevor Jones



Rest Insured

Excellent price. Very helpful customer service. Excellent. All-inclusive policy. Almost every contingency.

Great to hear. Thanks for leaving a review, Trevor.


Jake Elderidge



Good Price & Good Cover

I’ve been with More Than for years now and I’ve never had an issue. Great price and excellent service when I have needed to contact them.

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More Than is a forward-thinking insurance company that provides a broad range of home insurance cover for all of life's eventualities.


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Covers the contents of your home only

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Covers the physical structure of your home as well as the contents

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Benefits of More Than Home Insurance

  • Replace your old items with new
  • Up to £1 million buildings and £100,000 contents cover as standard
  • Access to More Than Rewards programme
  • UK based call centres
  • Live chat available online
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What home insurance policies does More Than offer?

More Than offers buildings insurance only, contents insurance only and buildings and contents insurance combined. Details of each cover level are listed in the table below:
  Buildings & Contents Buildings only Contents only
Maximum cover Up to £100,000 cover for your contents and up to £1m buildings cover Up to £1m buildings cover Up to £100,000 cover for your contents
Home emergency assistance Up to £200 Up to £200 Up to £200
Alternative accommodation cover Up to £45,000 Up to £30,000 Up to £15,000
Replacement locks and keys Up to £1,000 Up to £1,000 Up to £1,000
Accidental damage cover Optional  Optional Optional
Home emergency cover Optional up to £1,000 Optional up to £1,000 Optional up to £1,000
Personal possessions cover Optional N/A Optional
Bicycle cover Optional N/A Optional
Legal services Optional up to £50,000 Optional up to £50,000 N/A
Trace and access cover Optional Optional N/A
Contents temporarily away from home Optional up to £11,250 N/A Optional up to £11,250


What optional extras can I add to my More Than home insurance policy?

More Than gives you the option to tailor your home insurance policy to your personal needs. They offer a range of optional add ons, including: 
  • Accidental damage - helps cover costs associated with repairing or replacing items if you accidentally damage your home or contents. 
  • Personal possessions - covers personal belongings that are taken out of your home. 
  • Bicycle cover - insure your family’s bikes against loss or damage up to £2,500 per bicycle in the UK and up to 60 days worldwide. 
  • Legal services - provides you with help and advice regarding legal matters. 
  • Upgraded buildings - provides you with increased alternative accommodation cover up to £100,000, plus up to £5,000 trace and access cover to repair any damage caused by tracing a leak, such as flooring that’s been damaged by locating a heating or water system leak.

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